Configure, compile and install v4l-dvb and you are done. Hauppauge model , rev E2F5, serial [ 8. I found this post which ‘claims’ to have the card working: No se si es problema de hardware, de software o de los dos Fortunately you had the right uncomplicated answer. Should I bypass the box all together?

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Followed your instructions, unfortunately the card is still not recognized.

You need to be in the v4l-dvb folder: Will try some more tricks tomorrow. Is this something I can create in Nautilus or am I stepping out of my league. Any other suggestions while i’m in there would be appreciated. I would add that the OS is trying to do its best to match windoss card with an appropriate driver, so you get a list of cards that work with the CX driver which is probably the closest approximation to what is needed for your card.

I’ve got Kaffiene loaded but it keeps throwing back no device available, obviously I’m doing something wrong. So, AppLocale become my favorite! Still no results on a QAM search, I tried that early on. O sea, puedo manejarme por el Terminal y esas cosas, pero si tengo que mygiva archivos o compilar ya me pierdo.


Mygica driver x8506 database

Continue to just press “enter” until the list is done. I have successfully extracted the OEM firmware but have not been successful in making it work thus far. You have to make sure that you opened the DOS command mode in administrator, otherwise it won’t let you copy the file into C drive.

Si deseas que te funcione es necesario un controlador. First of all, did you identify your card as described in the first step and is it on the card list? Test it with Kaffeine or MeTV.

I am uninstalling the version of Myth and reinstalling from the Ubuntu Software Center Console, it has the newer versions. Thanks for this, I just acquired aand this is the first possibly useful thread I’ve found: This may not be true of newer versions of Ubuntu.

It is an overly complicated POS. Right click the “cmd” icon, and select “run as administrator” 3.

There wkndows ways to fix a password problem but I don’t have the information to hand. This may be of some use but does it make a difference if the incoming signal is routed through a cable box?


My 7 computer now become perfect ordinary PC

All the AppLocale generated shortcuts are gone, and as I click the AppLocale, it required me to input the original package. Join Date Nov Beans Apologies if this isn’t proper.

Did I just fire my TV?

I’ve tried all the ones that I do know so far and again the obvious something I’m missing. Para poder ver la TV yo utilizo TVTime, para que se escuche tienes que lanzar desde una consola el siguiente comando: Here’s what I did to diagnose problem and don’t know what to do next Port 0, Speed 2.

Clean up your mess Remove any cards enabled in mythbackend. Myth should select a card number 0,1.

Registered tcp transport module. Firmware has been loaded previously [ The “works out of the box”. The signal strength meter doesn’t work at all in some of the versions of mgica I use.