Be sure that this is the exact version or region you require before downloading! Still best to use OEM when possible except for the price! Works for PM as well. By wqvw posted July 5th , 4: While others may look identical, they may not be wired the same or use the same voltages, etc. I can get the programming cable, but it’s the software that I’m not sure about.

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How to Program a Motorola CP200

I did as has been suggested – I purchased a subscription for the software at Motorola Online. If you find an error in this or any other listing please let us know via the comment section for the appropriate download.

I’m guessing it doesn’t support trunking, though since they look exactly softwaree same I’m not sure if it’s the XLS model, which does. Buy the current version of soffware software from Motorola comes with a subscription for 3 years worth of updatesand the get correct cable for the radio.

I doesn’t seem like there’s any special about the ones that say CP compared to the generic ones.

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Show 1 more reply. By ali-abed posted January 11th2: We will read your existing radio and program your new radios to match. Below are a few options when considering the reading or programming a Motorola CP By wkws posted February 18th1: Programmin drivers By Ericsloan07 1 comment Last post: Comments By tomjon posted February 25th8: SFD Member Mar 20, Works for PM as well. Downloaded and installed on XP as i do with most of Motorola software worked first try this saves almost About sfotware try it out.


Got a used CP200, how to program it?

Only problem is that I have no idea how to program this handheld two-way so that I can used it as a scanner. It can only be purchased from Omtorola via the Motorola On Line system.

The powerful two-way radio system has up to 16 channels, and sets can include six or more devices. How do Siftware know which CP model matches what I already have? Sort by price and other considerations using options listed on the left of each search results page, and choose auction-style or Buy It Now listings based on your preferences. I strongly urge that you read the “sticky” above regarding obtaining programming software.

Got a used CP, how to program it? | Forums

If you are using a USB-to serial adapter to program you must plug it in before trying to launch the program. If you can attach a picture of the radio you have I can help you. By zaap posted August 3rd Do I have to scour the net for tutorials on it or is it pretty straight-forward?


If your radio is setup to work with a repeater system then you only have half of the puzzle. Yes they can be used as scanners.

By jsanchezabreu posted September 15th6: If multiple channels have excessive amounts of noise, a new antenna may be in order. Some cases have cutouts that make it possible to access the knob at all times. While others may look identical, they may not be wired the same or use the same voltages, etc. But that is a 3-year subscription and every update during eoftware time will be automatically sent to you.

Worked perfectly, thank you for the file. This allows you to remove channels from the system’s memory and helps prevent confusion softwar may arise from sharing channels with other departments or companies in the immediate vicinity. Be sure that this is the exact version or region you require before downloading!