That trait was evident in their recent AMD boards which gained so much attention. AOpen AX45 Page 6: As it stands, we find it difficult to recommend the Epox 4SDA to those looking for a complete package. Feature Tables Page Fuzzy Logic 3 overclocking tool. SiS motherboard 18 posts. The AGP has a locking mechanism, ensuring that your card does not become displaced once inserted.

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Windows XP picked up the various components without difficulty. Led is able to.

We also looped 3DMark from time to time. Any reduction in time would be more than welcome. The main manual is comprehensive enough, but gives you the impression that it was authored by someone whose first language probably wasn’t English.

We ran mitherboard motherboard with the strictest memory timings over a continuous 24 hour period.

I know that the ECS sis board is out at Newegg. We have come to admire motherboards that can do it all. And in this case you should assign less memory for the frame buffer. Rather it’s an audio codec that saps up CPU resources to produce so-so audio.

SiS and SiS Based Motherboards Roundup

Video 3Digests Video cards: Passed off as a fad by the major hardware vendors like Intel, it has now grown to be a full blown event recognized by just about every motherboard manufacturer who wants to make themselves a reputation and some good capital. By including this device on the motherboard, it allows users to reference error messages and solve the problems themselves. As you can see, a powerful video accelerator with a modern processor even coupled with the aging memory suit games. Various AGP options can be manipulated, too.


What motherboarv the best tech product of ? I personally use these little buggers so much I call it Sam Any higher and we encountered the occasional error, even when Vcore was boosted to 1. It could not quite surpass the benchmarks laid down by the MSI Ultra.

Gigabyte GA-8SRX SiS Motherboard Review

The Epox 4SDA put up a decent showing in our gamut of benchmarks. My first question would motherboarx, “where can you buy the RAM”? The MSI Ultra turns out to be a formal leader in the first two tests.

If, however, your emphasis is more geared towards overclocking, the Epox 4SDA may just be the motherboard for you. Click to find out more. The Epox shows a reasonable increase in performance when simply switching DDR modes, and continues to lag slightly behind the MSI for sheer performance.

We tried various options but were only able to raise the FSB to One aspect to note with almost all Pentium 4 motherboards is the voltage given to the CPU can be up to 0. We nowadays expect features, stability, overclocking and performance every time, such is the standard set by recent reviews.


Ships with the following: Also included is the useful PC-Cillin anti-virus software. A motherboard that supports such voltages practically begs to be overclocked.

SiS Kicks Off: 10 Motherboards With The 645 Chipset and DDR333

The DVD is rendered in it’s original resolution of x with the black borders being cropped to avoid unnecessary encoding time. DroneZ refused to start at all though the video driver version was the latest. Layout As is our customary tradition here at Hexus, we’ll start at the top and work our way down. Top marks to MSI for once again producing a decent manual.

Benchmarks were run 3 times consecutively, an average score was taken.