As of October , Microsoft no longer has any Sidewinder branded products on its hardware website. Microsoft portal Video games portal. The only moving parts were mechanical on the throttle and joystick pivots which gave this joystick virtually unlimited lifetime. Retrieved 27 May The original SideWinder looked great and performed well, but never felt right to some users myself included. Support for this joystick was dropped with the advent of Windows XP.

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Archived from the original on 14 July Designed as a gaming-neutral joystick, rather than a specialized xidewinder for use with realistic combat flight simulators, the 3D Pro was built with a functional, but low-key geometric design. Several types of joysticks were made, including the Force Feedback 2, the 3D Pro, and the regular SideWinder joystick.

In AugustMicrosoft announced they were relaunching the SideWinder line of gaming peripherals, starting with the SideWinder Mouse.

A feature of the device is that the upper section is also a 2-axis motion controller with additional support for rotation.

However, the detachable numpad was removed, and a numpad was instead attached permanently to the keyboard. In MarchMicrosoft released a second gaming keyboard, the Sidewinder X4.

Microsoft SideWinder – Wikipedia

By Sal Cangeloso The Precision Pro also added a shift button to the base, doubling the number of possible button combinations. The left imcrosoft of the controller features an eight-direction d-pad which function varies depending on which mode the controller is on.

It was composed of two portions; there is a hinge between the two that allows you to rotate the right microzoft up and down and from side to side. The Globe and Mail. Gamepads sold on the website use Microsoft’s Xbox or Xbox One branding.


Learning from their past mistakes, Microsoft introduced the SideWinder Precision Pro incorrecting the ergonomic issues, fixing some of the electrical issues, and adding new mca.

As a result, the Sidewinrer Voice ultimately lost that market. In analogue mode, the x- and y-axis were controlled by the analogue controller movements, and the D-pad was used as a hat switch. The basis of Microsoft’s last generation of SideWinder joysticks, the Precision 2 design was a further refinement of the previous Precision Pro.

Compared to the Precision Pro, the Precision 2 dropped the Pro’s shift button, replaced the throttle wheel with a more traditional lever, and rearranged the micosoft buttons mivrosoft the stick into a symmetric design. These software packages only charge the host or server, whereas each person would have to own a Game Voice in order to use the hardware and software. Since the release of the Force Feedback 2, the stick has garnered a reputation of reliability and resiliency, many Force Feedback 2 sticks are still in use currently.

The driver software also allowed it to function as a voice command device using programmable macros.

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The puck also had its own volume control. Due to the inclusion of the motors, the Force Feedback Pro was significantly larger and heavier than the Precision Pro, making it easy to differentiate between the two. In addition it had two additional dials on the base for adjustment of the stick itself, one above stick and the other to the right of the stick. Infollowing a collaboration with Razer in creating the Microsoft Habu and Microsoft Reclusa, a gaming mouse and gaming keyboard sold under the plain Microsoft Hardware brand, Microsoft resurrected the SideWinder brand with an all-new SideWinder Mouse, designed from the ground up for high-end PC gaming.


Microsoft also gave the rest of the Precision Pro a more rounded design, replacing the rectangular base buttons with more rounded versions at the top of the base, the slider-based throttle with a wheel-based throttle, and the base itself was made more rounded.

As of OctoberMicrosoft no longer has any Sidewinder branded products on its hardware website. Xbox Controller Games Special limited edition consoles Technical specifications. Through extensive configuration of the shift and command buttons, it is possible to create a total of 24 different commands per configuration.

The sensitivity buttons will light up to indicate which level you are using and there are LEDs on the underside of the mouse, towards the rear. Along with this keyboard a new mouse was released dubbed the SideWinder X5. Its shape is the same as the original but without the LCD, weight adjusting and metal side buttons. Games such as Motocross Madness which was bundled with and designed for the controller profited from this physical interaction.

Fred Iyc and Edie Adams [10] are among the 17 people who have signed it. The overall size and weight difference was not so great with the use of smaller motors. Microsoft has been making gaming gear for a while now and they have been getting pretty good at it.