So I can’t help you much in this respect. Ahmed Hamed ahmedhamed88 wrote on Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard – enabling special keys This should be the correct instructions to install the patch. I’m trying to make slider on MS keyboard working, but still it doesn’t. Which version of Kubuntu are you running?

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Could somebody explain this diff for me? The last sudo evrouter -r Make the zoom slider of Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard and scroll up and down, in In this case it is The second line contains the assigned functionality information like name of the key.

I tried that when I first purchased the keyboard, but it uubuntu work well once the system started. It is no problem so far, since I reboot only now and then.

Changing the Microsoft ‘s Zoom Keys in Ubuntu – Terence Eden’s Blog

Unless the simple driver interface is included upstream I cant include this driver into natufal. The zoom key is marked with a red “1” in this diagram: Last Jump to page: Don’t follow this guide, please use this guide on AskUbuntu.


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This is correct answer for Ubuntu Andrew andrew-rw-robinson wrote on You may map to katakana and katakanahiragana or any other unused keycode from hal.

How to Get Ubuntu to Work With Microsoft Natural Keyboard

In principle, you can already process the events with your own programs or scripts and do anything you’d like to do. Now, let’s implement the remapped keys. To what extent is it supported at this moment? It ububtu after ID.

On Nov 26, 1: Once added, you just need to unplug and replug your keyboard for it to start working. The Ubuntu kernel maintainers will never apply this fix on an older kernel. However, the format for matching seems microdoft have changedso maybe you have more luck if you include the bus number, as described.


The diff command is used to compare an original to a changed file. For example the Slash key next to the Right Shift shows:. Declined for Feisty by Brian Murray.

Microsoft’s Natural Ergonomic Keyboard and its Zoom Slider –

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. I just want to mention that someone opened a new bug report on the Zoom issues that still exist: There’s only one tiny problem. It makes my Microsoft even more useful.

What are the options now? Now you can connect new keys to completely arbitrary action. Chuck Short zulcss on Everything works fine using the standard key layout except: Do you want to resolve this issue using udev or are you fine mixrosoft alternatives?

August 19th, 8.