Byte 1 LSB is status bit 0. Page 41 Section 5. The card type may be selected by the host application by setting the desired type in Property 01 Card Type. First, it is used as a stand-alone application giving the host the ability to generate tone sequences to guide users through operations on the device. This command is used to send additional commands to the OTI module through the IntelliStripe 65 interface.

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Page 27 Section 4.

The value is fixed and is software dependent. Your message has been sent.

When this property is disabled, the device will no longer require the host to perform the auto baud synchronization sequence. It is intended only to be used as a demonstration of how the command set can be used to build an application.

The maximum time it would take the device to reset would ,cp 5 seconds. Page 49 Section 5.

Typical intellicat installation version 2.xx – MagTek IntelliCAT99875659 User Manual

Op Code one byte AC Name: Tell us about it. Changing these properties is not advisable unless the card you are operating is non-standard.


After this command is issued, no magnetic stripe data will be available until a card is read. Mmcp is not a real time indication that noise is present.

Accessories, Related documents | MagTek SWIPE & PARK User Manual | Page 10 / 20

P2 is the address where the write will start Lc is the number of bytes to write. This feature is enabled if this property is set to 1 true or disabled if this property is set to 0 false.

Response will be in the same format including the Op Code before optional data. This property is used to get the devices model number. The reader will not attempt to consume a card if a card is already present in the transport. Memory Card Support The bit address is added to the byte address to form the address of the first bit to be affected by the command. The property type None is never returned. It is not installed on all configurations. Page 67 Section 7.

IntelliStripe Command Reference The following result codes are defined: Page 81 Section 9. This property is used control notification messages sent in response to a transport indicator changing from a 1 to a 0 state.


Smooth mechanical motorised card-transport ensures fast, reliable, and high-quality encode operations. Page 72 IntelliStripe Command Reference When the eject type is set to blind 2the reader will attempt to eject the card without using any sensors. Proprietary magstripe formats can be supported via a binary encode mode. This application deals with device functionality.

This property contains the value of the RS interfaces fixed baud rate. Use this form to ask us a quick question, find out availability or get a quote etc. Page 53 Section 5. If the value is 00, the status 63Cx will be returned where x indicates the number of further retries allowed. Page 75 Section 8. This status could be returned even though erasure did not occur. Page 55 Section 5.

Page 87 Section 9. A compact footprint, rugged design and low audible noise make it a perfect choice for motorised card issuance at financial institutions, schools, business, and government environments.