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But remember that this card is 4 times cheaper than the other. And while in the 16bit mode most cards have reached the format’s upper limit, in the 24bit mode the Lynx Two leaves the other audio lynxtdo far behind. But the displayed sampling frequency doesn’t actually reflect the one generated lynstwo the oscillator precisely as it is obtained by dividing the reference frequency of the converters by the oversampling coefficient.

If you are looking for a card with the extremely good converters and minimal other capabilities it won’t be simple to do. Do you know where your shoes are? I’m at a loss Maxim Liadov maxim ixbt.

The lower the sampling frequency in modern converters using oversampling and filtering, the greater part can be filtered out. Dithering is used only for recording lynstwo a reproduced signal does contain one of the dither types.

But the difference between the modes with different frequencies is not great here.

ASIO problem with Lynx Two-B

Overview Customers Company Other Products: Lyxtwo amplifiers on the analog inputs and cross-coupled electronically balanced line drivers on the outputs provide high rejection of common mode RF and power line noise that is picked up on connected cables, which is especially important in computer-based studios.


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There are several features that distinguish the card as a professional solution. Unbalanced connection should be used if cables are quite short and there are no problems with common ground, for example, in a small audio studio based on a computer.

There is plenty of software out there now that lets us use our computers as Media Servers. One of the firmware updates has the ASIO support improved and the error in the hardware dithering algorithm in channel mixing corrected. It consists of a minimal number of surface-mount, low-noise active components and precision resistors. I had one issue lately, it was related to a firmware upgrade I did in the lynx card without thinking from 24 to 25c.

And hey, what about us audiophiles who happen to play movies from our computers into the home theater? That is why the Lynx Two can indicate a frequency of the master clock and supports synchronization for different sources including a special unit of synchronization with a video signal.

LynxTWO – Downloads – Lynx Studio Technology, Inc.

No Longer Available Update Location close. Had to get help from Lynx support to roll back the firmware to 24, and it has worked since.

For the highest bitrates e. Home Download Purchase Support Company. The card supports both balanced and unbalanced connection of analog interfaces. As you know, dithering is adding of pseudo noise of the minimal power to the signal to prevent correlation of the lyntxwo with quantization noise.



It resulted in my computer shutting down every few hours. I lynxtao ‘use large he buffer’ was ticked years ago and forgotten about If you look at the spec box on the left, you will see that we are talking a kilobuck, at least, for the various versions of the LynxTWO model, which can have up to six analog inputs, and up to six analog outputs, and up to two digital inputs and outputs.

Reviews 0 Write a review wzwrqfxwfxzusdsqfqadda. Any production audio system is always a compromise between production costs and sound quality. The Lynx Two sports a reprogrammable controller which can fix bugs, improve internal processing algorithms and add support of new extension cards released for Lynx Two there are several such cards already.

Our Vault pages may have some display quirks. The balanced mode doesn’t involve transformers here and it’s based on the typical differential circuit. But certainly, everyone would like to know whether a PC can be used for processing high-quality sound at all, and what features such card can offer at such an incredible price.

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