Many of the download links on their site are broken. A wide variety of dvr card options are available to you, There are 24 dvr card suppliers, mainly located in Asia. This is an install time option only. It does more, uses web based management, and is easier to install and configure. Personal tools Create account Log in. With a single card installed, the IRQ settings were perfect!

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This way if you find you have to replace a key piece of hardware, your licensed version of Pico will, theoretically, not be invalidated.

Create a virtual instance of Windows and then install Pico on the virtual instance. This program is tested to be compatible with Windows 98 and newer versions including Windows XP. Please contact us before you place the first order from us,we can give you the best price. However, even they will find the pricing of the new licensed release fair, and decide it is worth paying again to have a fully functional, stable version of Pico Yes these drivers are cqrd on the pico disk.

It should be noted that some owners of the Devil’s version have reported success using Dico software specifically version 4. What is interesting about this message is that it demonstrates an example of the Pico software actually finding the PCI cards, yet showing a text message overlay. See the Pico Production Version 1.


Retrieved from ” http: This is due to PCI slot unstability during first time hardware installation. Due to wide spread acceptance, those in possession of the knockoff cards are urged to purchase car legitimate, properly licensed version of Pico, version 1.

Supplier Types Trade Assurance. High quality, sincere service and low price is our value and our promises to our customer. The most common scenario is that your motherboard dies, and even though you cloned the system dcr something like Norton Ghost, you find that your motherboard is no longer manufactured.

This is an alternative to the PICO software. A 3rd party in China then modified it so that it would run without requiring a security key.

Dvr Card Pico, Dvr Card Pico Suppliers and Manufacturers at

This version of Pico does not require a key for activation. See the ” Invalid Security Code dard section below for details. Since the hardware was also cloned by the Chinese hackers, and resulted in wide global distribution, the vendor has allowed Pico to function on the cloned cards with their latest commercial release.

This trial version may be downloaded from their website. Personal tools Create account Log in. It is unclear what the other versions being offered were for specifically. Since they have already paid, they deserve every chance to get their configuration working. LAN, cable modem, isdn, ptsn Ptz: Insert the card into one of the empty PCI slots, just as how you would install a sound card.


LW-104 DVR Pico2000 mpeg-4

In some cases, it may even be a version that has been modified by a 3rd party. The drivers are located on the pico disk. Factory wholesale wide-angle 2. The modifications cannot reconcile the configuration against the hardware checks and thus results in program termination.

Use the following as a reference:. With a single card installed, the IRQ settings were perfect! Digital Video Recored Card.

Do not try to install Dico on a system that was configured for Pico.

Also, if during bootup your system hangs for 5 minutes or more at “Setting clock utc “: The key is married to the system itself. Dico can be made to function quite well with up to 4 cameras, although the lack of documentation does leave some questions as to the exact functionality of a few features.