I couldn’t get the Logitech profiller software to work, and apps like Xpadder also can’t correctly be programmed to work with a game like this as it tries to assign buttons on your controller to keyboard keys, and well.. Rikky , Sep 20, Which one of those options appeals to registry? Maybe it’s not detecting it right in which case that little diagnostic tool in the other thread may be able to read some different values from that one too if you fancy giving it a try. Thanks for supporting my RumblePad 2 controller!

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Hi, without the receiver there are no exclamation or other marks in the device manager. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Logitech Rumblepad 2 not recognized – Microsoft Community

I tried to run your rymblepad app with my Dualshock4 as I did with my RumblePad 2 to post some test results that might in some way help you, but the program wouldn’t let me test it saying that my Dualshock4 configuration is already in the game. And the Rumblepad works fine on my other computer, which is strange.

Hey Zaxx, check the ‘supported controllers’ sticky, I’ve put a download link to a little tool in there which might help us get your Rumblepad sorted. When I plug in my Dualshock to my PC and run the Input mapper app, I can do a test which shows a picture of the Xbox xontroller and every button tests perfectly when I press buttons and move the sticks on my Dualshock4.

Logitech RumblePad 2 USB drivers for Windows 7 x86

RikkySep 4, No matter what buttons I hit on the controller for Heckabomb, it won’t read my controller. May get back to you on that. Just hope you can figure out the Dualshock4 problem as I’m sure someone else at some point might have the same issue.


Also the release date on the rumblepad 2 isI don’t know but if your pad is of similar age butyou may be wise to buy a new one and save the hassle. This is the driver for the pad so have a go installing the driver or placing the driver file in the same folder but on your computer. Every other USB device work the way they should, no problems with them. I just ran the registry cleaning in CCleaner and now my computer detects my gamepad.

However connecting to the internet seems to be sometimes a problem, windows tells me that the ethernet cable is not connected. I ran through your profiller test with my Logitech RumblePad 2 and put results in your supported controllers sticky. I can see in your log the device failed enumeration, this will be reported as code 43 which basically means the device can’t be identified by windows so no driver can be installed as wn7 probably guessed,if the pad wasn’t connected when you ran that scan let us know as it could be a motherboard component that can’t be identified.

There is an Xinput test so you can test your controller and make sure it is working. It’s in finnish but the order is the same in every language. I’ve also tried re-starting Heckabomb and Steam several times after the dualshock4 is plugged in with no success.

Then you need to download InputMapper, a PS4 Controller program that runs in the background and tricks Windows into thinking your Won7 is a controller. Did all that, Xinput shows my Dualshock is working rrumblepad X button is a A key on the xbox controller test etc.


I have a Logitech F myself which is almost exactly the same and that works. Several other games that use a controller work flawlessly, including Geometry Wars 3 and Spelunky.

The issue you posted appears to be hardware related; unfortunately we cannot assist with hardware modifications. If that doesn’t work try this, it will disable automatic driver installation.

Attached below is a screen shot of CCleaner highlighting the registry cleaning feature. Just let me know what you need whenever you are ready. The problem was that the computer didn’t manage to install the necessary driver rumblwpad the USB drive either!!!

Logitech Rumblepad 2 not recognized

Then restart the PC again. Try this in device manager right click the pad-properties-driver and update the driver software, I’m sure you’ve probably done rumlbepad though. This thread is locked.

Since the computer was only designed for Vista and no driver updates have been published I would rollback to vista if you must have that pad working. After rebooting the problem usually goes away. My confusion comes with why it doesn’t work rmublepad the little program called InputMapper supposedly changes the movements and button presses so that the PC reads everything as it was an Xbox controller already.

If you give me steps on how to change a configuration file, please explain it all in detail for me if you could! RikkyOct 1,