What makes this new GPS handheld unique is that it equips with dual storage, SD and flash memory for data log. For record purposes it is not suited, however, for fun rankings it is way better than e. Track pages provide two types of movement information: Calculate the Area Area Calculation Area Calculation is a useful feature when you wish to measure an area. Refer to how to active speed genie for details.

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I appears to gt-13 that the available chips are plenty good enough for us and if the circuits for buttons olcosys etc remember I know nothing are in place then hijacking seems doable? When you have only 1 second to look at all Speed Genie results, enable only screen?? Promotion Product Series Series module features high sensitivity, low power and ultra small form factor. Introduction Introduction GT is a wonderfully compact, business card sized navigator, carefully designed to embody ergonomic principles.

It will comfortably fit in the palm of your hand, mount on the handlebar of bike or motorcycle, and can even be worn on your arm. Your place of residence.

Locosys GPS GT-31 GT31

locisys Change the default folder if needed Step3: Of course you can back-up SD card content to your computer. The stylish unit can stand on your desk as a funky gadget, or, more usefully, can be placed on the dashboard in your car.


Move GT31 with speed above the threshold you gt-13 in step C1c and check it. Your comments will be published within one week. With adverse GNSS conditions in urban canyons, tunnels, or parking garages where DR boosts the accuracy, and the software fills the gaps. For record purposes it is not suited, however, for fun rankings it is way better than e.

The GPS-Speed sailing community consists of thousands of mainly Windsurfers and Kite-surfers around the world who use a GPS device to log their speeds to compete in a number of competitions. You lpcosys buy the device right here at the webshop of GPS-Speedsurfing.

The GT can run for up to 46 hours in power saving mode, backlight off with the built-in lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery. Page Tree threshold is set and the current speed is above it. When SD card is used, you only need to insert the SD card lkcosys your card reader to get the logged data, much quicker than downloading through cables. Please check this Language manual for clear definition.

Locosys GPS GT GT31 – XXcycle – en

Waypoints cannot be deleted if waypoints are referenced by routes. This includes the GT11 and the GT31 models.

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Page 32 In use Yes or No Contact your local stores. GW is a reliable partner for all surfers. Set it ON to enjoy clearer speed display??

Clothing and Apparel promotions New Products. Due to its flexible design, this device can be used as: GT provides power of 2. It is recommended to always turn on this mode.

LocoSys GT31 and BGT31 | Windsurfing Forums, page 1

In this case, people got what they asked for. Come to a complete stop or have your locosyx make any changes. The biggest complaint was lack of waterproofness. Page 48 Settings continued Bluetooth Sniff mode reduces power consumption.

The marked Mark point will be automatically assigned a Interval numerical waypoint name. Update the Firmware Follow the steps described below to locosyw your GT firmware.

Using this method regularly ensures that you will have a backup of all your GPS data on your SD card.