What is even more puzzling, is the fact that Windows 7 still uses the Vista kernel. However, I don’t have Windows 7 to test with. Message 24 of 36 13, Views. However, it still doesn’t work for me. Mirrored in case other file shares fail.

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Yes, the old website died, but I uploaded the drivers to a new site: However, it still doesn’t work for me.


Obviously the 64-git option would fail so browse on your computer. I do not want a pne100tx connection when playing games like D3, and the only reason I installed this card was because the motherboard port no longer works. Message 24 of 36 13, Views. Message 27 of 36 13, Views. Wow, you are really awesome. Message 12 of 36 29, Views. Thank you very much. Maybe it’s because I don’t want Windows to tell me: Message 22 of 36 14, Views.

Message 23 of 36 14, Views. XP 64bit should be similar if that’s what you’re using. Crimson, thanks again for your help. Also the only solution offered to me by Windows or Cisco tech support is to go online or upgrade. Time to replace perfectly good components that were working fine just moments before you inserted the install disc, because Microsoft and the HW venders can’t come to a freaking agreement about drivers.


46-bit there expand the Network adaptors thingy, I have no idea what the card is named before it’s unidentified but you should be able to figure out which one it is easily. It’s ridiculous that they STILL haven’t made updated drivers for this card, which is apparently still being sold in retail outlets.

I know the drivers work for Vista 64bit, as I’m using them right now.

I would rather vissta do with what I have then spend for more components that may still have the same problem. Hello everyone, sorry to leave you hanging.

Solved: Re: LNETX Vista bit driver, get it here! – Page 4 – Linksys Community

I should not have to spend more money on a PCI when I have this one, especially since it seems Linksys or Cisco could not spend any of the last six years that vista has been around to write a few lines of code. Make sure the downloaded drivers are unzipped already, and then proceed right click the unidentified network card in the device manger, click Lne100txx Driver Sfotware.


Does this work with Windows 7 also? Go to control panel, then find the device manager. Now why doesn’t someone from Cisco download the driver and place it on their own page I tried to look for drivers for windows 7 as well but couldn’t find any. Message 13 of 36 29, Views. I have tried running any version of the driver offered in the backwards compatibility mode.

Mirrored in case other file shares fail. Message 21 of 36 14, Views. If anyone has any more suggestions, please tell me.

From ther it’s pretty simple, point to the driver folder and click ok. Microsoft says that it is compatibile on their comptibility windows 7 pages.

| DriverZone

It’ll lne100xt the option to search autoamtically online or browse on your comptuer. Message 29 of 36 13, Views. Sorry to hear but I could not find a vista 64 bit driver when I checked Cisco’s homesupport site.