For a Linksys, type the default IP router address Basically, is there an easy install process such as the install CD would have provided to allow me to connect to the print server and then print to my HP printer? Allow the printer to install. Then double-click on Local Area Connections. Set Wireless Info Example

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I have even tried turning my firewalls off. If you do not know the IP address of your print server, access the router using your browser. Hi – I know this is an older thread but I wanted to say Thank You! Do not call Verizon for help. If you are unable to configure your WPS using the setup disk you can exit from the setup and configure all the settings on liknsys WPS manually. Just make sure also that the printer will print when connected staright to the windows 7 computer.

Set up security to match the router, SSID, password, type of encryption, etc. I am lost and looking for any help. Click on Wireless tab then click Security and set the wireless security settings of your Access Point, then save to continue.


Installation of WPS54G Print Server for Windows 7 – Linksys Community

Message 8 of 11 34, Views. Driver is not available for windows 7. Message 7 of 11 36, Views. I made sure they operated on two different channels, from the configuration screens. On some printers like my Canon MP, you can only print one printservef.

However, every time I go through a restart, the printer goes off line. It is the installation program that is not compatible.

Installation of WPS54G Print Server for Windows 7

Have not been be to figure out why, but it seems that some data gets stuck in the buffers and this is the only way to flush them out. Disconnect the printer from the USB port.

Now I am trying to setup the printer server software on my Windows 7 machine but the CD is not compatible with Windows 7. Message 2 of 11 47, Views. I can add the printer just fine going through the process suggested here. I can no longer print. While not as bad as the early days of setting hardware dip switches, the linkxys server must be installed manually.

Hope somebody can point me to something I may have missed. Once that is done, do a ping -l -t of the IP address that you have assigned earlier. Thank you very much for putting this in one succinct listing. I did some searches online and I have used the Linksys live chat but to be honest, the live chat was not very peintserver.


I dusted this thing off after not using it for years and had trouble with win and this trick worked like a charm. Follow wps54h steps Cat-State below has described verbatim.

Setting Up Linksys WPS54G Print Server

Then the printer and print server need to be repowered. Once you get a reply from your print server, it indicates that it has connected successfully to your network wirelessly.

The forner replay is probably the best explantion of installing the WPS, but it is not quite complete. This worked perfect for me today, and I am super happy.

If you have done this in the past, set up your router security. Message 9 of 11 34, Views.