This might be helpful too; Creating disc labels with LightScribe. You might try using ImgBurn. Not an IT pro? Could you please be a little bit patient with me and go through all my points below and answer me The compelet discussion is here.

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The key of my problem as to liightscribe to reading LightScribe is the answer of this question of mine: Windows 7 Media https: This drive has an IDE interface, allowing it to be attached to an available channel on the computer motherboard.

This drive has a USB 2. However, I now recognized that, and I recognized that only all LightScribe empty or used discs are unable to be read.

HP Lightscribe SuperMulti 8x DVD R/rw Double Layer External USB | eBay

If by maintenance, I would be saying it would cost more than its price by a vernder shop to have a look at it. Please try again shortly. I have done the best of my ability to narrow the problem i.

Tuesday, January 13, This service needs to run for LightScribe direct wiht labeling to work. Look for AZO on the label of the cakebox of the Verbatim brand dvds.


Asia /-rd and Oceania. Here is an example at Amazon. The LED 1 is in the left half of the drive. The drivers for optical drives are contained within the operating system and do not need to be updated. Here, first, I supportt you check the hardware component of the two PCs, If the HP does support lightscribe and Dell does not support lightscribe, then I’m afraid that the labels you created for the disk might be incorrect whcih causes this issue.

It doesnt recognize there is a disc in it. After creating them, I have labelled them with lightscribe software.

I was told ‘I suspect the culprit might supermylti hardware and lightscribe dive might be corrupt. Take this one for example. For ” with double Layer Support”, ” How much does it cost?

HP DVD Writer Drives – DVD Series Internal and External Drive Identification

See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. I still advise downloading ImgBurn because it can do one of these tasks.

We can see the pictures you pasted above, the main issue now you encountered is that the HP optical drive lightscribe-enabled drive is unable to correctly read the lightscribe discs, while the Dell optical drive without the feature lightscribe reads all the disks. Also I talk weird like Willow from Buffy series. Welcome to the forums PrettyGirlNerd. Search the Internet for LightScribe to find these pages. Edited by cooperator Monday, January 5, 4: This drive are dark slate blue with a black carbonite tray door.


Thanks a lot, Yes, you’re right the two threads are concerned about one issue. Take this one for example, I’d be happy to do all I can to help with your lightscribe. The problem is more likely the discs you are using.

LightScribe SuperMulti 8x Dvd±r/rw With Double Layer Support fc2 SATA | eBay

Hi, the reason why I am using that particular program is because it allows me to set the DVD with templates, pictures, and music easily. Which burning program are you using? If so, It would be compatible with any laptop brand?