Remove the screws A. Complex Page , Complex page Meaning The page may not print correctly because the print information on the page is too complex that is, too large for the printer memory. Action Download the valid engine code to the internal print server. Unplug the product before you begin, or use caution if the product must receive power in order to perform the task. Reset Photo- Return the photoconductor counter to zero. All service errors are initially communicated by all lights flashing which is the primary indication or code.

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Release the four inner latches B. PagePaper input and duplex sensor removal Remove the duplex unit.

Lexmarrk controller card as necessary. For information on Edn, see the service manual. Page 54 Timeout on data collection during auto alignment Check the media settings in the printer driver.

Paper feed pick tires tray 2 Tray 1 Check side guides on Tray 1 and Tray 2. The photoconductor kit is full and must be replaced. Left Side Cover Removal Position the printer with the left rear corner hanging over lexmrk edge of the table. Transfer Roll Removal If the old springs are moved, feel the base of the springs to assure that they are on the posts.


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This is a precaution for personal 451 and to prevent damage to the printer. Remove the developer drive coupling F. Operator Panel Removal Warning: Page 95Tilt the front cover down, and disconnect it on the left side from the link.

PageRotate the motor drive llexmark until the two plastic links can be separated. Too many options attached Meaning This message refers to too many flash options. Those points should be directed in the paper feed direction as shown. This refers to paper only. Remove the main motor drive.

Open the front cover. The voltage should be within the following limits: A paper jam has occurred. Remove the left side cover.


In re-installation, check to make sure that the fuser ground cable is routed out of the way and is not pinched or damaged. Open the right side cover. PageAssembly 1: Not ReadyWaiting Meaning The printer is waiting until a print timeout occurs, or until it receives additional data.


Check the AC line voltage.

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Diagnostic Information2. Page 37When the Error and Continue lights are both on, a printer error has occurred with a secondary code. Solving Print Quality Problems Replace as needed. Remove the manual feed solenoids. If not, lubricate only when parts are replaced or as needed, not on a scheduled basis. Remove the tray, open the duplex door and clear the paper jam.

Lexmark Model 4512 Laser Printer E250dn Monochrome

Page Notice the direction of the points on the edge. Do not replace the operator panel and the controller card at the same time. When replacing the controller card, make sure to route all of the cables through the correct shield opening.