We use cookies for advertising, social media and analytics purposes. A handy sheet for those of you visiting relatives over the holidays See Confirm Removal Selections Page. The second path is hidden by Windows. When I follow the MEM deployment guide which is really straightforward, not going to copy it here however I get an error that the signature cannot be validated and so the installation cannot continue. Overview of the Sun Storage J Array. Now this feature is also available on VMware environments.

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P4000 / Lefthand and Windows DSM (MPIO)

I am not sure how the cluster interface exactly works. Not “searchtargets”, but “sendtargets”. Updated Driver Files Required for Windows. Thanks for any tips that you can offer. What I can recommend at this moment is to use bonding on the XenServer.

Lefthand OS 12.0 released including space reclamation and MPIO enhancements for VMware

This results in a better performance since the host can now directly go to the concerned node without bothering the so called gateway connection. IoT experts at the global technology consultancy DataArt share their 6 key IoT trends and predictions for What we’re talking about here is the ability for the XenServer Initiator to make connections to each of the nodes in the Lefthand SAN cluster.


Can you post iSCSI disovery: See Server Manager Features Selected. Did this article help you?

Posted July 14, The real advantage here will be for customers with larger clusters, with more than 2 nodes. By default, MPIO is configured for active passive path failover. A single failure in bonded the other is still running, a single failure in MPIO and it would switch to that if it was currently using the other.

And maybe others as well. Share this post Link to post. To Access Service Advisor Procedures.

See Confirm Installation Selections Page. Since this is a Next-Next-Finish install no screenshots.

Check the Event and Performance Logs. How composer Tod Machover blends technology with art. HP would leftnand to first release the handler for Linux and then work with Citrix to implement it. What can we do to improve this information?

I assume that HP does not even have the software for Linux I may be wrong hereso I do not understand how XenServer can even support it.


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P / Lefthand and Windows DSM (MPIO) | Daz’s bits and bobs

St Mary IT on Jul 9, 3: In case you missed this news from HPEDiscover: It is also vital for redundancy in the event of a node failure. Feedback Please rate this article. Either they are bonded or using some form lefhand MPIO. The actual node IPs are All responses are returned with the cluster IP oefthand the array, like this: This article resolved my issue. The cluster IP will surely redirect the traffic to working controllers. From what I understand though it seems the way multipath is used in most cases is 2 nics on different subnets on both sides.

A handy sheet for those of you visiting relatives over the holidays