I liked the controlled response, but I felt like there were times when the racquet was getting ahead of me or swinging too fast if there is such a thing , which led to some erratic shots. Comparing the racquet to others they’ve tried, our testers said: All content copyright Tennis Warehouse. This was perhaps Chris’ favorite shot to hit during this playtest. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I don’t care if it feels stiff as long as it doesn’t hurt my arm.

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He said, “I served well with this racquet.

ProKennex Ki 5 (320) Racquet Review

Quick and easy to swing fast. I think some added weight to the hoop would help with stability and put away power. Chris put the racquet’s solid feel to use at net, but he also found room for improvement when volleying with the Ki 5 Pro Kennex Ki 5 older non model. I replaced my old Ki5x with it.


However, the benefits of the Kinetic system are far more important than a little auditory discomfort! Chris’ Scores Power 8. I had no issues getting pace or depth. Of the group, Andy was the most impressed with the Ki 5 around the net.

Maneuverability was good, and I had no trouble getting it into position during quick exchanges. Open level baseline player with a semi-western forehand and a two handed backhand. Thread starter Mlenk Start date Jul 3, When I moved in to hit a short ball I got caught off guard a couple of times by the racquet pushing the ball with more depth than I anticipated.



Kennx you take your racquet to a typical stringer who wants to get it done in 15 minutes most jobs in the least amount of time that’s not going to happen. He explained, “I was impressed by the solidity and comfort offered up by the Ki 5 at net.

I was hitting a pretty heavy ball, and I was able to kemnex points up well with the Ki 5 However, the racquet did feel stable. Again, I felt like I was getting good weight of shot. For the most part, our team really liked how this racquet’s maneuverability and control translated into their return games.

If you are looking for a comfortable player’s racket that remains comfortable even when strung with a stiff co-poly, then the Ki 5 is your ticket. Kennwx appreciated the control but thought the racquet lacked easy power and spin for his service game. Our testers appreciated the plush feel and good maneuverability the Ki 5 offered around the net, but at times we would have liked a bit more mass in the hoop for more stability and to help our volleys move through the court more.

We thank Pro Kennex who provided us the rackets for our tests.


Anyone here kenned make any string recommendations for this racquet? I also thought the racquet offered good heft and control for my flatter backhand. I was pleasantly surprised after my first hit. Our team found the racquet to be very plush and comfortable, and it had substantial control and feel. I was pleasantly surprised by the net.

The round head shape was very forgiving as well.

Tennis Warehouse – ProKennex Ki 5 () Racquets Review

Getting pace was pretty easy, and I liked the way my serves were pushing through the court. I’m assuming you want an arm friendly string.

Summary The ProKennex Ki 5 turned out to be kennsx pretty interesting playtest for us. I ended up adjusting and serving fine with it, but it took some effort to serve well during this playtest. Andy’s Scores Power 7. I thought the racquet lacked a bit of mass in the hoop that would’ve made hitting chip returns a little easier, but all in all, I was pretty dialed in with my favorite shot in the game — the return of serve.

Downsides Lacks some plow through of heavier racquets.