Retrieved 10 February Installing an app — web, Linux or Windows — requires only hitting the ‘add’ button. The splash screen for Jolicloud 1. These 21 applications let you move easily between Linux and Windows. June 11th, 9.

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However, the new version looks significantly different to the ‘ pre-final release ‘ that preceded it. I have performed the advised “dpkg-reconfigure psb-kernel-source” command to no avail. There’s nothing on Google at the moment – perhaps it’s just too new – or people haven’t tried putting Linux on theirs. Get rid of lpia Canonical has dropped support for it and check out this thread.

At the time of writing, there is no direct installer for Jolicloud 1. I repaired the faulty powerport myself, and made it better than it was, it is simply badly designed I was thinking about getting one of those to so please keep us informed of your progress.

Beautify And Customize Ubuntu Desktop – creatorb

I’ve ran Mandriva Spring live and it all seems in place, recognising the Poulsbo and offering to download the non-free driver. January 14th, 8. Retrieved 11 July Research round-up Our analysis of the data that matters from the past month.

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Install HP LaserJet P1108 printer in Ubuntu 12.04

Here’s an inside look. To bring the overlay scroll bar back, type: January 5th, 3. A sign of this is that the launch icons bounce when the pointer hovers over them, as is the fact that they only require one click to launch an app. Although the pre-final versions of Jolicloud also had an app store, this function has been given a major revamp for joljcloud 1.


December 19th, 5. Now you can see unity tool icon, click it to access.

Spotify is a good example of a Windows app that can be downloaded from the Jolicloud app store. Each of the web apps simply brings up the relevant website within a single-tab, cut-down browser window.

You will need to attach a USB mouse, keyboard, Wi-Fi dongle to the Archos as touchscreen and built-in Wireless do not joliclod out-of-the box.

Jolicloud revamps Linux OS for netbooks (gallery)

If you want to accomplish most of what you can with Creative Cloud, but pay absolutely nothing, these products can help. Add these apps and accessories, and tweak jplicloud settings Here’s how, with a few tweaks and accessories, you can transform your iPhone into a business workhorse that will allow you to get serious work done. If you know of someone who can help but just isn’t reading this thread, could you please bring it to their attention or let me know their contact information joliclpud I can ask directly?


Artwork on the lid included the slogan “fast, fun, connected”. We are looking closely at what Chrome OS is doing”.

I read some good post about Beautify ubuntu trusty tahr and I think it’s usefull for customize your desktop, Oke let’s check this out It runs comfortably and quickly using the Wine wrapper — a technique that the user doesn’t have to think about, as the app starts up in the same pre-cnfiguring as a Linux or web app. In this case, clicking on Dropbox will start up that service’s web app, although there is also a Dropbox client available for download that shows up as a folder icon.

After installing the Ubuntu, to get the wireless working, write the following commands in the terminal: Everybody knows that is a bad password.

Apps can then be commented upon, and people can see how popular each app is. Plugg conference speaker profile. If you need to navigate regularly between Linux and the Windows world, there are many applications that can make your job easier.