Indicates an item prohibiting disassembly to avoid electric shocks or problems. The maximum weight of this machine is approximately 46kg. Be sure to pay attention to this when downloading, because the versions are not backward-compatible. Posted by Graham Richmond January 11, If two or more software programs need to be upgraded, download them one by one. Install the wire saddle [6] and route the cable [7].

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J Connected to the reader motor. That even would work under W7 Posted on Jan 02, Install, the toner cartridge following the above-mentioned procedure.

RX, procedural signal received; TX, procedural signal transmitted. Features e-RDS is embedded with a network module of a device controller, which works as a front-end module of e-Maintenance without any hardware other than device. Posted on Mar 28, F When removing or installing the contact sensor unit, take care not to touch the light guide and rod lens array.

Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. M Symbol Part No. After going into the service mode, use the arrow on the both sides of the touch panel and scannet ‘OK’ if the decision is made.


Posted by richardk July 14, F Scannef 16 18 If the other firmware is upgraded continuously, follow each downloading procedure. When an ADF is installed, clean is document glass small [2] and glass holder [3] in the same manner. Reader motor speed adjustment Switch each screen with the arrow key.

Count sheets of the large size by two. The developing DC bias voltage changes with the primary DC bias voltage according to the image density information sent from the image processor PCB.

How to Install and Configure Canon ScanGear Tool Software

The error log to be displayed is as follow: Check the documentation and CD against the following table: The touch panel LCD indications change as the associated sensors turn on and off.

Fixed environment of HH. Gurpinder Singh Oct 12, F 3 When the feed roller drive gear lr2022 engaged with the feed roller shaft gear, drive power is jr2022 to the feed roller shaft gear and consequently the feed roller starts rotating. License option function is implemented on all the main system of the products, which is shipped from the factory, but it would not activate unless input operation has been made through the license registration screen. Posted by Sagade Manoj November 8, Follow the appropriate procedure.


E – Check the connector of the fixing film unit. If the “Initiation number” is selected, report will indicate the telephone number of the initiation side. The positive bias is applied to transfer toner images from the photosensitive drum to paper.

If the shorting connector [5] is not disconnected, a malfunction or error can result. Light guide [1] [2] Rod lens array F [3] [4] 4.

imageRUNNER 2022

If the function do not activate, error message will indicate. Jam log postJamLog At the time of jam occurrence Includes the jam code, date of occurrence, total counter at occurrence, paper feeding slot, and paper size. Affix the label printed in the user-selected language.

Cassette 4 size detection switch OPX