For those who would like to write their own software to control the device, we provide sample C and LabVIEW programs along with command libraries that can be used in many programming environments. Standard RJ45 connectors and commercially available cables are used to connect modules into a network. A single key press will perform the function printed in white; pressing the Shift key then the key will command the function in yellow. After initialization is complete, confirm that the Ethernet connection is working by doing one or more of the following: An Unlock command must be issued from the controlling port in order for the joystick to move. For example, a PC can be used to monitor the motion of a device while it is being directed by a hand terminal. Your cart is empty.

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Users can also choose to manually assign a fixed IP address to the controller.

With the new Map command, the joystick can be set to operate any three of the 31 possible drivers in a system with one controller. To unlock, jntelligent an Unlock command from the controlling port, or press Buttons 3 and 4 on the joystick.

The first row of the LCD display shows the currently selected driver and channel, and the joystick status On or Off. If a joystick is unlocked, its LEDs will display normal status of connected devices and channels. If the LED is on but not flashing, an Ethernet connection has not been made. The default value is 1. To access this and other valuable technical resources, please sign in or register for a new online account.


ClearEdge Picomotor Mounts Kit. Establish serial connection and send the following commands: The third and fourth lines show the response from the controller.

The is a single-box solution picpmotor provides both control of Picomotor actuators as well as drives the actuators. Copyright—, New Focus, Inc. Shortcut Keys The hand terminal features shortcut keys which allow the user to perform preprogrammed functions without the need to key in a series of MCL commands.

If you have a three axis mirror mount, X,you need an adaptor cable to connect to the driver. Press Speed, enter a number indicating the speed, then press Enter to complete the command. Enter your email address below to reset your account password. Verify the current network configuration displayed on the web page. Intelligentt motion mode is Velocity mode. ;icomotor addition, this command will automatically enable the driver amplifier.

Resources Software PicomotorApp 2.

Picomotor Controller and Driver Module, Open-Loop, 4 Channel

Document Number Rev. Configuration Options The Model Ethernet Controller can be configured in a variety of standard ways, depending upon the network environment available: Note that one power supply is required for every three controllers.


Intelligen order to view this screen, it intelliggent first necessary to type in the host name or IP address. This will ensure that the controller gets assigned the same IP address every time.

Provide an order number and postal code to quickly check the status of an order. Principles of Operation When setting up and using an Intelligent Picomotor control system, it is important to note the following key characteristics of the Model Ethernet Controller and its latest firmware: Just plug in the included power supply and you’re ready to go.

This Windows software application has an advanced auto-discovery feature which automatically finds computer connected Picomotor controllers and actuators. I1 to I31 Resolution: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

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Daisy-Chain Up to 31 Controllers. The default mode is with all ports enabled. Synchronous output command 0x05 issued to groupaddr.