I installed linux and windows xp in my poor gma netbook Hanvon B Finally, Very happy for now! Have not dedicated more ram to gpu, will update if it makes significant difference. A higher kernel is available in backports. You can automate it in a script: TheKazaR 17 ottobre See the manpage for pm-suspend for a list of them all.

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Great responsiveness for the specs, but youtube sucks on html5.

Poor Multimedia Performance Windows wins without any dubt. Feel free to customize to your needs. Switch to a console – Ctrl-Alt-F1 Restart X with ‘sudo service lightdm restart’ That should bring you back to a functional graphical desktop, gma50 that you can proceed testing or installing.

You can automate it in a script: There are several potential solutions: Linux on GMA One that has been reported to help is quirk-vbemode-restorewhich saves and restores the current VESA mode.

First step “How to install a Linux distro”. Personal tools Create account Log in.


Intel GMA 500

Starting with kernel 3. Add one of these lines and save the file:.

Have xrandr multi-screen, color management work correctly By default at least on TheKazaR 17 ottobre Paolo 14 ottobre Linux is an opensource OS but,u nfortunately, this has determinate the emergence of billions of distros that sometimes may confuse users migrating from other OS like ,inux or Mac HS 10 marzo A higher kernel is available in backports.

It’s the only dietro that can play youtube videos within Firefox and also without flash plugin installed, quite smoothly.

HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsPoulsbo – Ubuntu Wiki

Wei Xu 9 aprile Then you can use it like so:. Coudn’t manage brightness keys for now.

Unfortunately the support for this hardware is extremely limited on Linux. Option 4 – Update intrl The final option is to use the After installing, an Xorg file is needed to setup the driver. On some machines, the screen turns on by default even when the system was put to sleep with the screen turned off, so you need to turn it off twice. In my case, I turn off both screens, and turn on only the main screen upon awakening. Anonimo 29 gennaio Although the computer still works, you must go to a console and kill X or reboot “blindly”.


Did you know this linux distro http: Pages with broken package links. Let’s intrl saying that GMA works better with Microsoft products but anyway linux distros may be faster than Win 7. Hi, I installed emgd on an Ubuntu To setup different resolution for external monitor using xrandrxfvideo-modesetting provided by package xorg-server from official repo is needed.

AVI Trailer with default player: Instead of hard rebooting, you ilnux try to blindly reboot your system, since the last thing you used before suspend was the terminal.