Does not apply – 2-core 2. RAID levels 0 and 10 are supported. A specific product offering sold by Cisco to a selected group of resellers. Use the following illustrations to help you map a location code to a position on the server. When performing SSA device or subsystem planning, installation, upgrades, or preventive maintenance, refer to the following Web support pages. This 8-position cable should be used when more than four and less than or equal to eight adapters with H.

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This IP Security function, normally performed with encryption software by the host, is off-loaded to this adapter to enhance network traffic throughput and reduce CPU utilization.

Family 9131+01 IBM System p5 520 and IBM System p5 520 Express

Disk drive fault tracking can alert the system administrator of an impending disk failure before it impacts customer operation. To increase the data writing performance, a 90 MByte non-volatile fast-write cache is a resident part of this adapter.

Rear Muffler Attributes required: The adapter can be used to attach devices either directly, or by means of Fibre Channel Switches.

Two or more Junction Boxes For A: The 3-Way Copy Function is available only via a code download and can only be gained by going to the SSA web support pages defined below.


A – IBM 52A 2-way, Ghz, x1 Processor

Send feedback Rate this page Last updated: Concurrent mode allows the normal system functions to continue while selected ubm are being checked. Gone are the days when you can wait overnight for the reports to be generated. Service Agent The Service Agent is available at no additional charge. No redundant power is available. Additional components or accessories may or may not be included.

9131-52A – IBM 52A 2-way, 2.1Ghz, 8316×1 Processor

Blinking – When connected to the power source System is in standby mode. Internal disk drives to be configured as an array.

S1 system port front of control panel. Each processor card contains 1. No Zero-priced Express Product Offering Processor Entitlement for No Longer Available as of April 25, This feature provides a customer with one processor entitlement at no additional charge. Does 25a apply It is a New Sealed products include all original parts, accessories, manuals and additional features if applicable.

Does not apply Port Asynchronous Controller Cable, 4. The modular design allows clients to implement only those solutions their business requires, and the flexible, integrated architecture lowers the ongoing cost of ownership. The steering logic is activated during processor initialization and is initiated by the built-in system-test BIST at power-on time. Attachment of SSA devices Attributes required: Mutual surveillance The Service Processor monitors the operation of the firmware during the boot process, and also monitors the Hypervisor for termination.


Select from cable features: Attachment to the controller is via the appropriate external SAS cables. Some disk drives require that their microcode be updated to the latest level before being formatted to Byte Sectors.


If feature number is selected, either feature number or must be selected. Two to Four H. SCSI media device top media bay. FIPS is ubm U.

The rack-mountable RAN offers these enhanced features: No Serial Port Converter Cable, 9-Pin to Pin This cable converts the 9-pin serial port on the system to a pin serial port which allows the user to attach pin serial devices to the system. PNS subscribers most often order their publications via the Publication Center.