Yes, Adam fixed that quick, apparently the was slightly different from the log This page was generated in 0,42 seconds. Select Forum News – www. Even if you turn off the , the logging resumes when you start it again. I had a little trouble setting it up, so I decided to give a little explanation on how to use it in Linux:.

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GPS Receiver

Pretty good sensitivity – yesterday it captured all the data on a flight from SFO to Seattle from inside my travel bag. Impressive performance on that flight, was it gpps in the overhead compartment? Yes, Adam fixed that quick, apparently the was slightly different from the log Even if you turn off thethe logging resumes when you start it again.

Oh good, I wasn’t sure if it was used to power it off, there is a switch on the side too? Received gpa test unit on March 12th and I must say I like it quite a bit more than the thanks to its compact design, better casing big anti-ski pad and the PTL Push to Log button.


Data Loggers i-Blue

I think I’d like to see some improvments there before chosing that receiver. I’d be interested to hear others’ impressions.

Shouldn’t be much of a problem iblie from Sweden. Pour vous guider sur la Route: Navigation menu Personal tools English Create account Log in. Battery operating time actual measurement value.

Anyway, I haven’t been able to play much with it yet. In other languages Add links. Transystem i-Blue Users.

If you want to share some pictures you can use this method. That’s correct, the download speed is quite slow due to the serial ibkue over USB emulation.

It gets recognized in the other modes too, but didn’t work! On new Linux Distributions tested on OpenSuse Retrieved from ” http: In the meantime I’ll put the picture from the manufacturer’s site.


You can have long journeys with it thanks to its panel and its good battery The key there is the semi-standard CSV file that is created. I’d only used it the day before to log my commute, and some for checking connectivity to applications, etc. Solution for connecting on BTForum German. Ihlue ordered the iBlue from Semsons a week or so ago, and it got delivered here Norway in 6 days. Log capacity just about.


View more current devices at http: I was pretty annoyed today when I realized I wouldn’t be able to geocode my pictures due to this timing-out problem. It should be interesting to see how user friendly the software for the i-Blue loggers bilue. Log in every 5 seconds, and Bluetooth connection, stationary.

You can use it in a car or with your bike The unit seems to perform well. This small device works well with PCs and Mobile Phones. The device can be used in Linux too; e.