At the core of providing long distance data services is the ability to copy, move, and replicate data locally and over long distances. This change does not require user input. EVA release n Fixed issue caused by updating disk drive firmware on a storage system with an unsupported version of HP P Command View, which results in controller termination TEC: See the release notes included with the download file for more information. Failure to do so could result in losing the ability to manage the storage array.

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A Storage System Virtual Disk’s allocation alarm level threshold has been reached. Fixed an issue that results in a CSM reset condition when an intersite link fails during removal of a virtual disk from a DR group.

Fixed an issue where arrays with a large number of disk drives will terminate with a watchdog timeout or where large disk groups can experience write latency, as seen by the host server when calculating the capacity of the disk group.

This applies when upgrading to XCS or later. A range of ebits were set or cleared for a Logical Disk. Page 48 Page 49 – Configuring application servers Page 50 – Testing connections to the array Page 51 – Creating and presenting virtual window Page 52 – Creating volume groups on a virtual disk A full restart of both controllers is required only one time after HP P Command View and the management module software are installed on the management module of the EVA The information in this 203 is not provided elsewhere.

Winndows Command View software also provides improved security that would allow you to take advantage of user defined domain groups and local groups.


XCS 1 or later support requires: Modified the device side recovery routine to prevent instability on one link from affecting the other link. This manual also for: Page – Issue: See the release notes included with the download file for more information.

This feature enables maximum support flexibility, while minimizing unit down time. Fixed an issue where a Data Replication log capacity set to zero would cause a recursive termination condition.

Simple, Efficient, and Adaptable The P EVA is a 5 th generation array which means it takes advantage of everything that worked best with the previous generations. Update recommendation Recommended — Mandatory Compatibility and interoperability? winfows

HP EVA P6000 User Manual: Installing The Mpio Feature For Windows Server 2008

Disk drive support includes:. Select Set Data Replication Protocol.

P Continuous Access can provide you the highest level of FC SAN data protection in order to meet disaster tolerant business continuity implementation goals.

Disks disk 0203, virtual disks This section describes issues affecting physical and virtual disks or disk groups, which can lead to a range of behaviors including a loss of redundancy, performance impact, or data unavailability. Fixed issue in which controller events 0xe were logged when no ebits were set within the range of the host write: Fixed an issue where controller cache flush timing issue related to the write command immediately followed by write same with overlapping LBA range.

HP EVA P/P Storage System- New, Refurbished, Spares, Licensing

Under Select a zone to view or change security settings, click Trusted sites, and then click Sites. Wait 10 minutes before checking the disk drive properties page to verify the correct firmware wihdows is displaying.


Fixed issue where event 0x09e0b70e is falsely generated for virtual disks that are not thin provisioned during a shrink or expand process: It can help you quickly pinpoint performance bottlenecks so that applications run at optimized performance and quality of service QoS is maintained. Got it, continue to print.

The iSCSI target must support multiple sessions to the same target. These events and notifications may be received even if the affected virtual disk is not a thin provisioned virtual disk. If, after setting this feature, you remove the management module from its slot and reinsert it to reset power or you restart the management module from the HP P Control Panel, only the controllers will automatically boot up after a full shutdown.

Thin Provisioning will allocate storage when you needs it—minimizing wasted space Reduced Total Cost of Ownership The unique virtual architecture of the P EVA allows up to twice the normal effective capacity utilization of traditionally architected storage offerings. Starting with XCS 1fan failures are reported.

Fixed issue p300 which a wineows failover command to a Continuous Access member leads to a controller termination. With built in virtualization, the P EVA is designed to improve capacity utilization and be easy to manage, which lowers the cost of ownership compared to traditional arrays.

Fixed an issue where metadata volumes were not properly promoted due to read errors on the source volume.