Joe I replaced the DC jack in my presario F it was not to bad to do if you have a steady hand for sodering. Sometimes it boots and works for awhile but eventually locks up. Beau travail — Merci. Make sure it outputs correct voltage. Which type of motherboard is inside? Thank you for this post.

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All that said — I think my motherboard got cooked by the fan speed bios issue, but hhp ran for 5 years without trouble till then. Alien, make sure when you are downloading the correct driver. Can you please help me on this one sir. Is there something I can do to fix this?

Same problem with the GPU chip. My scrren get yellow background.

I have to constantly fine adjust the monitor up and down the toward the keyboard and away from the keyboard until I reach a point lqn the monitor screen allows me to browse normally. Solution for the following problem josh, jamal, others: Try turning it on just on battery power with AC adapter removed. It sounds as though the backlight may have been damaged when it fell. Help us tech dude!!!! The Ff700 jack soldered to this board.


Compaq Presario F CTO Windows 7 Driver

Just discard HP and time to change to quality ,performance,and a great value for your money guys! When the screen dims and turns dark, all I do to make laan light go back on is to close to laptop lid and open is up.

Message 6 of 6. ITs working fine right now…but only after spending 15 minutes playing with the monitor screen, closing it halfway and opening it halfway until I got it to work while others around me in the library stared as if I was an idiot.

Just changed the CMOS battery dime shape batteryfor t700 new one and the laptop does not start!! I just searched though the service manual for this model: I think that I damaged the connection for the connector on the right. When i put the old ones back in it boots up like normal.

Compaq Presario F700

The only connection is the ribbon cable and it seems to be plugged in square and straight. The laptop is working great, but no sound. After reinstalling them, everything worked great. I have built many desktops but never had a laptop apart and was stumped at how to get it apart. Third, try removing memory modules one by one and test the laptop with each memory module separately.


Can these parts be bought locally? The boards, the guts, everything.

It just stays where it is -just a black screen. On the home page where the volume is it shows the volume and it just has a red x on it.

Your website is very interesting. There are two more ports on the left side of the notebook, correct. Any help would be most appreciated. I cant get the new drive to even start the boot process.

I guess cause i smoke lol well it works perfect now thanks to you. Running the recovery disc will reinstall everything back to factory defaults. Of course, I assume your new power adapter and battery are good.

Anyone had this problem, or think then can help?