It seems that HP is fairly picky as to what cards you can put into these laptops. Hp extended the warranty on these machines by a year but they are not making them anymore and most models have gone over this two year period. I think you had the same problem. Next, go to “Settings” then Click on “Control Panel”. I was able to get that file on my Ubuntu computer’s hardrive desktop.

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Nirav Bhatt Aug 20, at I have a dv and dv that I’ve loaded to the hilt and modified as extremely as I know how and I’ve gotten rather attached to them.

Intel Wireless WiFi Link in a Pavilion dv laptop – HP Support Community –

dvv6500 If you have 2 or more drives, try to move all of your data onto your “C-Drive C: Those who have this same model, You can now get a free new battery for it. Mac is not without issues, but boy do they stand by their products if it is a MFR issue Results 1 to 10 of Report Respond to Roy Basnett.

Please send ddv6500 on how to fix HPnr wireless problem. Of course it doesn’t help I was laid off from HP twice in two years. One day the wifi light turned orange and stayed orange.


Pat D – Nov 25, at What else can I do to get them to repair for free? So my question is, if I want to do an upgrade to Wi-Fi N, is there a compatible card to use in my laptop? HP was virtually useless.

HP Pavilion dv wireless device not working – TechRepublic

I have an older 2 yrs dv that HP said the mother board had to be replaced and it was out of warrenty. Hello,I cant tell if my built in mic is working right. I’m not sure if I typed your email correctly.

Please let me know dv65500 you find other options. Just reflash your dv with a bios that wfii the whitelist removed. I somehow found the wireless assistant update and poof!!!

This was so frustrating so I just had to let you guys know, I was working on this for a week and even contacted Hp support and they wanted to replace my mother board and I was determined to fix the problem. I resetted the wireless card and reinstalled.

Hehe, wow, a bit late on the reply there I bought the dv in near-mint condition. Respond to Nirav Bhatt.

HP Pavilion Dv6500 WiFi Wireless Card 441090-002

Report Respond to tylerjay Jeez – that’s cerebral atrophy for you! I have found some reasonably priced machines to replace it with. I’m only dealing with it right now because I can’t afford wiifi ditch it and get something better. I sent the laptop to HP a while back while it was still under the extended warranty, and they fixed the wireless problem.


Some experience loss of video when the Nvidia chip overheats and “pops up” off the board enough to lose contact.

Do you have any ideas? Message 2 of Do not post advertisements, offensive material, profanity, or personal attacks. I pulled them both out cause they were broke and np messing with it since I thought my comp was shot anyways and decided to take a razor blade and run it over the power hub and my comp started up.

This isn’t my laptop it belongs to a friend of mine.

Hi AB, Thanks for your comments.