The green power light is on, but the orange light is blinking. One of my users had a service station so clogged with semi-dry ink that liquid ink was leaking on to her desk. Can anybody please tell me what is happening to my printer? I am not an employee of HP, I am a volunteer posting here on my own time. I have an old cassette player which I think has a recorder microphone built in. Apparently the left-to-right margin has shifted. Thanks in advance for any guidance offered.

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Tablets by Dan Ackerman 8 days ago. One final thing for what it is worth. Clean the electrical contacts on the cartridge and carriage with alcohol and a cotton swab. Take the cartridge out and put the bottom in a shallow dish of hot water. Thank you for any help, Alfred.

I’ve tried to replace my drive belt but can’t get to the slot in the back of the carriage to insert it. Dear Bert, Thanks for your sage advice. At this point, in hhewlett mode, I think I can get a decent image, if I need it.

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I also clean the cartridge carrier of any accumulated ink. Just got back to my computer. In your first mail to me you said to refer to Bert’s reply of January I believe.

Eger on Jan 22, at 4: Thus, having the white dot problem appear now is new and different for apparently a similar cause. I just ordered another HP 45 twinpack from HP.


HP Deskjet 722c

I double cleaned the service station. When I put the rear cover back on it didn’t slide in all of the way. My printed text prints out shifted or offset characters. Also, I should note, when I install a cartridge, I give a bit of a backward pressure on the cartridge as I bring down the clamp, trying to insure good pin contact with the strip connections on the back of the cartridge. I would hate to get rid of it, because I have a few of new unused ink bewlett, and would like to use them all with my printer, after all, they were very expensive.

Repost for cleaning instructions. I don’t see anything that looks broken, prinfer or missing. I have cleaned the contacts on the carriage cradle with no change in the result.

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To answer your question, they were brand new cartridges out of the box. Immerse the service station in hot water to dissolve the ink.

The HP’s left inner row for the black cartridge looked a tad dull, so I opted to again clean all of the pins for both cartridges with alcohol, leaving all shiny.

I was prrinter to get it back in and then the rear cover easily closed, but still no power light on the printer.

I bought from a store a all in one printer as I found out will not totally work with my older unit. Buttons for aligning and cleaning packwrd cartridges were inside. Dear Bert, et al, Bert, I did as you suggested and went into printer properties, finding the alignment software as you had pointed out. Hwelett that fails to solve the problem consider the possibility of a defective cartridge, particularly if you are using refills.


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Would I need a new motor and where could I get one or any other suggestions? Further, what I have on my desktop is actually a shortcut to supposedly the HP Deskjet Series Toolbox, which I suppose Jim created from the printer setup.

Johanna, if you can get freebie tech support, then maybe reinstalling your operating system may fix the problem. The photo I used, which has very little color in it, alternates bands with gray and red tints, if that can provide you with a clue. Well, I tried to print them, and only one page “Tried” to print; but a blank page came out instead?!

I can push the carriage to the right and then turn on the printer, but the same thing happens. Make sure you dry the electrical contacts on the back as well.