The GeoSat2 is quite easy to use when finding addresses, but does not support postal codes. This machine has a great display, and was reliable and accurate during my testing. Illustration of the first ocean seafloor map created from altimetric data image credit: One nice feature of the software is route simulation. The Installation Installation of the system was child’s play. Effects, such as in-band ripple and band-edge roll-off of anti-aliasing low-pass filters in the altimeter receiver were removed by individual waveform sample gain correction factors.

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This may be because countries are in written the database with their native language name: The ERM provided more than three years of precise altimeter data – geosst became also available to the scientific community.

AvMap Support: download area

This will create a route from you current GPS location. However it did cause me some problems when trying to find my brother’s address in Wales. These can then be installed over the currently installed maps. The AvMap navigation software only works with AvMap original memory cards.

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The software OK so that is the technical stuff out of the way. Finding the Nearest City lists all the places gepsat the location by distance, It shows both the Postal Name and the Administrative Council District name. This effectively prevents you experimenting with the settings and controls when you are not in the car. If you don’t you will get the confusing message shown on the right.


Normally the cursor is at the GPS position so this will double the functionality. This gosat has a great display, and was reliable and accurate during my testing. As I have no problems with satellite reception I just leave the GPS antenna tucked behind the display.

For correct satellite reception, please install the GPS antenna on the roof or on thedash boardof your vehicle. The File Save To Disk window is displayed. The Geosat GM goal was to provide information on the marine gravity field. Subsurface features such as seamounts create a gravitational pull, and features such as ocean trenches create grosat gravity areas.

For this particular address it was a bit confusing. Product Funcionalities Troubleshooting Updates.

On the land, weather and climate are controlled by topography on scales ranging from large continental landmasses to small mountain valleys. For use on the continent that is probably not too bad as a post code only identifies a town, in the UK a post code pin-points a house. If you are using your Teosat antenna inside your car, please make sure that your car does not have an athermic heat reflecting wind screen.

I got around this by buying a v to 12v cigarette lighter adapter, so now I can use it in the comfort of my lounge, much to the annoyance of my wife. The Nearest to cursor is a great way to find things. To install any of the additional maps from the CD you first need to install the USB driver and map application.


The windscreen mount is a seven inch goose-neck suction mount which terminates in the famous HR mounting plate. The software provided with the system has USB drivers specific to the GeoSat2, which allows you to access the device from your computer and install new maps.

Geosay mapping with orbiting laser and radar altimeters has been the focus of current exploration of Venus, the Moon, and Mars and is providing very high resolution topographic maps of the Earth’s land areas.

Starting with the joystick. The Ram Clear is a memory reset that can be carried out in case of fatal error or to reset the memory in order to restore the default settings.

The Passenger Mode is far more interesting. The voice instructions are loud and clear.

This has an information bar on the right. The next turn screen presents you with a large graphic indicating what you need to do at the next junction. The telemetry subsystem consisted of two S-band transmitters and two encryption units.