It has been fixed to 1. White-knuckle ascii drama Inconsolation. The BuruBuru paper model is now available at itch. I still have fond memories of helping to keep the little Gearhead forum community running well. There are a variety of decal options …. The next scenario, DeadZone Drifter, is quickly approaching playability.

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For Windows users, all the needed dlls are included in the precompiled zip.

After reading your reply, I created a Linux bash script to replace the old portrait names in save files with the new ones. Text-only, so to speak Gwarhead Admins Pingback: That gif is completely unrepresentative of the game though. Six months after the Typhon …. Awesome to have more updates on this gem of a game.

gearhead: Saving the best for last | Inconsolation

Another fan on February 29, at 7: Joseph Hewitt on February 28, at 6: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This is the first randomly generated portrait created by the system; the player will also be able to use the portrait generator to customize their character. Characters can be imported from GearHead1.


Did gearuead compile it yourself or download the pre-compiled zip? In DeadZone Drifter the player character travels to various towns in the deadzone and helps out with their problems maybe.

The Mechanical Tarot scenario gearheav is working. White-knuckle ascii drama Inconsolation. Amazing to see the game still under development! Try it out and let me know what you think.

GearHead-1 v – GearHead RPG

Reddit Twitter Facebook Google Tumblr. Made with by Graphene Themes. This is unfortunately one of those games that I have to leave you to discover on your own. Gearhsad suggestions for other GearHead merchandise I could make for cons?

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GearHead-1 v1.200

geaehead GearHead Caramel uses a Dungeon Monkey -style invocations system for all attacks and skill uses. Pilcrow on February 29, at 4: Just look at how glowey everything is!

I might write something on it myself. Also, I need a Zerosaiko.

Gearhead 2

Notify me of new posts by email. As the title says, stealth and searching now work, both for the player and NPCs. Be prepared for a long haul.


I was overjoyed to see the RPS article on this! The actual link to the script is here …. Text-only, so to speak Inconsolation. Your ad here, gearheae now: If it was as simple as scoring points I could probably give you tips.