Page Important When the bypass tray is closed and the paper tray is not extended. Page While rotating the feed rolls, wipe the rubber part with a soft, firmly wrung cloth moistened with water. For details on each feature, refer to the reference pages in the following table. Error codes are important information that identifies the causes of errors. The following shows how to print the [Printer Settings] list. Adjust the paper guides to the size of the envelopes.

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The Authentication feature controls access to the printer’s features.

Fuji Xerox 3055

Installation Procedure Installation Procedure The ROM of the Chinese font kit goes into the controller board right underneath an internal hard disk optional. The paper trays can accommodate paper of the following sizes: The following table describes the overview of the common menus. Switch the power off, check xerxo the connector cable of the duplex unit is properly plugged into the printer, and then switch the power back on.

Page checking the job status Page Setting Item Description Control Panel Sets whether or not to generate an audio tone when the correct button is pressed on the control panel.

When the tray is extended, the extended portion sticks out from the back of the printer. Re-attach the rear cover on the printer by tightening the two screws removed in Step As necessary, enter a password into [Password].


Cleaning the Feed Rolls If you load postcards with pre-printed pictures, the anti set-off powder sticks to the feed rolls, preventing the postcards from being fed properly. This feature operates in two modes: Do not touch areas with labels indicating high voltage or temperature.

Page Registering the Login Information on the Print Driver Computer Configure the following settings under the Properties dialog box on your print driver. Place ufji print xeroz on a flat surface, such as on a desk, with the handles facing you.

To use the printer at its best performance, we recommend you to use only the paper described in this section. Note that the short edge cannot be longer than the long edge and that the long edge cannot be shorter than the short edge, even within the specified ranges. Printing by Changing the Paper Types of the Trays The bypass tray and trays 1 – 4 accept plain paper and special media such as heavyweight paper and transparencies.

Extend or unextend the tray until the lock released in Step 2 is locked automatically. The quick warm up time and printing speeds of 26 and 35 A4 pages per minute respectively ensure that the DocuPrint and will meet the demands of the busy office.

Multiple sheets feed at once. Checking the Printer Status via E-mail Follow these guidelines when sending an e-mail to the printer. The paper is damp. Storing And Handling Paper Storing and Handling Paper Paper stored in poor conditions can get deteriorated, resulting in paper jams, curled paper, image quality problems, or printer failure.


The user ID can be up to 8 bytes of alphanumeric characters. Feed Rolls for the Trays 1 – 4 The following explains how to clean the feed rolls for the tray 1. Do not use conductive paper, e. Page Loosen the three screws that secure the metal plate cover inside the printer. If a network expansion card is installed, remove it temporarily. Enter text from picture: This feature is called “E-mail Print”.

ขาย Printer Laser Fujixerox DocuPrint ทั้ง ราชการ และ เอกชน

Click [Print] in the [Print] dialog box to start printing. Page 59 From [Paper Type], select [Transparency]. The machine has ventilation opening.

The following explains how to write commands in e-mails, using Outlook Express as an example. If there is more than one tray that is appropriate for the document, the printer checks the [Paper Priority] xefox and selects a paper tray that contains the paper of the highest priority.

Page 86 Extend or unextend the tray until the lock released in Step 2 is locked automatically.