The ability to securely store your precious data while speeding up data writing and reading rates has never been higher. Adjustable bus speeds Adjustable memory timing Adjustable voltages may be Vcore only Adjustable ratios. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. In fact, this system, like the other two boards, kept the chipsets cool enough so that additional chipset voltage was not a factor in our overclocking tests. It provides the ability to process higher quality audio and video, as well as do high speed 3D rendering. The second BCM is a PCI solution which means under heavy network traffic, the network card can potentially get boggled down.

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Doom 3 and Conclusions The USB connectors sit on either foxcpnn of the capacitors and are truly located in a cluttered area. A single PCI Express x16 slot handles the graphics.

The layout of this design offers a very good balance of slots and allows for numerous add-in peripheral cards. There are many benefits to multi-core processors; high end workstations and servers have long been equipped with more than CPU, allowing SMP-capable programs to distribute work loads.

Foxconn P7AA-8EKRS2 Motherboard Review –

We did not have any issues utilizing this slot with video cards containing single slot cooling systems, but we were unable to install a network card upon installation of a NVIDIA Ultra in the x16 PCI Express slot.

Depending on the applications and operating system, multi-processing environments can make a significant impact or have virtually none. Test Setups Page 7: RAID brings more secure storage of your precious data while increasing data writing and reading rates. Pin-outs are clearly explained, so is little confusion as possible as to which header does what. Log in Don’t have an account?


The memory modules can easily be changed with a full size video card installed in the first PCI Express x16 slot.

FOXCONN P7AA-8EKRS2: Features – Intel P Motherboards: Going from Hopeless to Enthusiastic

The manual covers everything from power pin outs to BIOS settings and even includes a how to on drivers. Twice in our testing, we had a SATA cable come loose and cause an issue.

Adjustable bus speeds Adjustable memory timing Adjustable voltages may be Vcore only Adjustable ratios. This would apply to other people with other cards such as mpeg, extra nics etc Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Memory ratios are limited compared to the nForce4 Ehernet Edition boards and the P boards that were reviewed. The floppy drive port is conveniently located on the upper edge of the board along with the pin ATX power connector.

Intel 945P Motherboards: Going from Hopeless to Enthusiastic

Features Foxconn designed an acceptable board layout with all major connections easily reached. Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

Thanks a lot Reply. The board is lacking most clearance issues and was very easy to install in a mid-size ATX case.

CPU Testing Page 8: The board fully supports manual memory timing adjustments or allows for an Auto setting that will set the memory to the SPD settings.

SLId double width cards in the P5N32 as well as the A8N32, not being tested here would only leave one pci slot and since I have an ide raid array with at least a year or 2s life in it, that leaves me with no slot for a sound card therefore say, a USB Audigy NX would be useful.


Foxconn should have included the new design as it enhances the security of the SATA connections.

The audio panel consists of 6 ports that can be configured for 2, 4, 6, and 8-channel audio connections. However, due to the very large MCH heatsink, installation of certain cooling solutions could be problematic. We utilized the stock Intel heat sink, but also verified if several aftermarket cooling systems would fit in this area during our tests.

Foxconn 945P7AA-8EKRS2 – motherboard – ATX – LGA775 Socket – i945P

Could we soon see Foxconn join the motherboard elite? The power plug placement favors standard ATX case designs and the power cable management is very good. The board itself is full size ATX Faster access to data, aggressive protection of your business foxconm and data from viruses, hackers, and worms, and easier system maintenance are all afforded with these new Foxconn motherboards. With both Intel and AMD firmly devoted to dual core processors in the foreseeable future, one would expect a flurry of dual core capable software should be hitting the market