Sign up to receive the weekly newsletter featuring the very latest from Petrolicious. History I currently have a F 4 door Lariat. Craig answered 2 years ago. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and twins. In other ways, the world hits us with so much force that all we can do is rebuild and relearn with the tools at our disposal.

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I have- plenty of ’em because I live in the mountains- lots of ’em- ’cause they give the operators a false sense of security so they might go a little too fast for weather conditions- I think the author of this question already made his mind up- he might be willing to risk his life going too fast thru the snow, but NOT HIS KIDS LIVES- and if you haven’t rolled yours, Michael, you are just damn lucky with an attitude like that- any of these vehicles, no matter what they are, are capable of killing us at any given moment- our fault or someone else’s fault what does it matter when you are dead?

Your username or email address: By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Drive safely, don’t live in fear but in a state of love and in the service of love, but be in your head when “operating heavy machinery,” for good visual perception and changing geometry, and cope with and learn life’s lessons as best your can, with compassion, always. Named it Hank the Tank.


Land Cruiser FJ60 Series – the Energizer bunny of SUVs | Second Daily Classics

I’ll add a twist to the original thread. Guru9SYZ answered about a year ago. When you are actively driving, not texting, eating, shaving, putting on makeup, messing with the radio but actively driving defensively, you and your family will do better daioy some poor kids strapped into their safety seat with dumb chuckle-headed distracted parent driving some modern and heavily air-bagged and crumple-zoned.

Are old land cruisers safe? Mikestoyotatruck answered 3 years ago. Yes, my password is: Horrible mpg notwithstanding, I love driving it and it makes me happy.

Help me put an end to the Craigslist madness. I daily drive my New follow-up comments New replies to my comments.

The first owner drove the vehicle and kept it garaged until she sold it in Saucerman and RodrigzCrzr like this. In an older LandCruiser, one just cruises and watches the world in a slow, comfortable, and enjoyable manor. I take it everywhere and it averages 10 city, 14 highway.

I daily drive my 62 and it fits me like a glove. Michael do you still have a contact to a toyota importer? That’s a 17 Dxily missile in a wreck.

I loved that truck but it was rough around the edges. It supports my argument for buying a Type I Volkswagen as a daily driver.


Land Cruiser FJ60 Series – the Energizer bunny of SUVs

It is mechanical and fj26 even when progress is slow; its sun visor warning labels about center of gravity and delayed responses are well-warranted, though more because of how easy it is to drive along a bit over the suggested speed than because it is some precariously lumbering truck.

Going to work isn’t that place. In s British cars, nothing typically works. The original suspension is totally flat, so an Old Man Emu lift kit is a high priority. We can’t find safety rating for cars this old and are wondering how safe they are.

They teach me patience and unwavering joy no matter the circumstances.

New Project: 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62

Photography by John Montesi. I track every penny i spend in gas, parts, oil, etc. I plan on going with the deluxe heavy kit from Cruiser Outfitters. History I currently have a F 4 door Lariat.

It can be both realistic and risky depending on your ability to get transportation to work if something big creates long down time. June 30, 5: