Users must then enter their group name and password when they print. Staple printed documents Staple documents Set the stapler at the control panel for printed jobs You can usually select the stapler in your software program or printer driver, although some options might. This function requires an Administrator password. Getting Started with Microsoft Publisher Overview This option is not available for Select Below 90 ppi, Below ppi, Below ppi, or Below ppi to apply image smoothing to those images whose effective resolution is below the specified ppi value that you choose. Use this button to cancel a process, and to move from the runtime screens to the Functions screen and the Idle screen.

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Stamp Repeat imprints a watermark or overlay that is clearly visible in both print and copies. If you enable this option, you must also define user groups and passwords in Command WorkStation. The new password takes effect after you save changes and restart the Fiery X3eTY. Terminology and conventions This manual uses the following terminology and conventions. Command WorkStation is the interface tool for the Server process.

Polling Interval sec [15] If you have enabled auto-checking for new messages in the previous option, enter the interval in seconds at which the Fiery X3eTY should automatically check for new. Use the up and down arrow buttons to scroll through the choices.


If a job is processing or printing, press the Menu button to cycle through the active screens. Select to make WebTools available to users see page Do not touch or put pressure on the display window.

Proxy Server User Password Enter the user password for the proxy server. Because many of these security features are interconnected, review the information in this chapter to plan for an effective security system, and then perform Setup accordingly.

Full Source GCR simulation allows for more flexibility in matching toner to ink and all changes interact to maintain a better color balance. This setting is available when you add a 35c-kn user for FTP printing. Print Server User s Manual Version: Incoming Server [ ] Enter the IP address of the server on your network that handles incoming. Fier use this feature, the Auto Trapping option must be installed.

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x3etj View Server List displays the list of file servers that have already been selected to communicate with the Fiery X3eTY. The time appears on the Job Log.

To x3ery the document, release the held document from the copier touch panel. If you select No, jobs are deleted from the Fiery X3eTY hard disk immediately after they are printed. Enter your login name or select guest.

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Specify whether the Fiery X3eTY prints a start page when it is turned on or restarted. Outgoing Server [ ] Enter the IP address of the server on your network that handles outgoing. If you select Manually, the scanned data remains on the hard disk until specifically deleted, or until all scanned jobs are cleared by the Administrator.


Workgroup or Domain Enter the name of the xe3ty or domain.

To design and format 35v-km watermarks. Instructions Job Info Enter instructions for the operator about the job. So you say you want something printed Choose From List if your network does not have a large number of file servers.

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The Fiery X3eTY allows you to set the following passwords: Be sure to provide this information Fieyr information. Administrator privileges Administrator control, which confers control of Setup, is the highest level of control because the person who has access to Setup can control the printing and job management environment.

You are notified that the Fiery X3eTY must be restarted for the new settings to take effect. Info Status When the Fiery X3eTY is not processing or printing a job, it displays information about the x3etty server and software: Foreword Welcome Printer Management Utility is a device control utility.