Genisys certified engineers can install or configure any products you purchase through Genisys. We have got the multipathing ON Not sure if this is something to do with the multipathing, but this issue has taken a long time for us to resolve. We want to earn your business! Emulex HBAs feature an exclusive firmware-based architecture, which allows firmware and features to be upgraded without taking the server off-line or re-booting, and without the need to upgrade the driver. Posted January 20, Hi, Did any of you guys managed to get this fixed?

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I am in the same boat I do hope that the Hardware is compatible. HP provides powerful installation software to streamline the installation of the Emulex HBA driver and management applications.

HPE Sourcing EMULEX LightPulse | Computer Systems B21 |

Karsten Burger on Jul 9, 6: I would start from there. Unfortunately we have another issue now.

Emulex installation and management tools automate installation and provide local pightpulse remote HBA configuration and management, therefore reducing cost of HBA installations across the enterprise. Sign In feature is currently unavailable and you will not be able to post new content. Emulex HBAs feature a firmware upgradeable architecture for long-term investment protection, feature and performance upgrades and seamless backward compatibility.


We are having the same issue. Genisys has over 20 years experience in the industry. Share this post Link to post.


Data transfer rate max: That means no reboots during configuration changes and no need for OS specific firmware. The LPeHP delivers high performance levels in real-world application ,ightpulse, with full-duplex data throughput levels that optimize SAN performance.

This provides investment protection of end user hardware and ensures minimum downtime. Thanks Rohit Edited by: We are working on a fix. A common driver model among all Emulex HBAs enables a customer to standardize on one driver version across their entire installed base—thus reducing the cost and complexity of managing all HBAs.

Thank you in advance. Emulex HBAs deliver industry-leading reliability levels which minimizes downtime and increases productivity.

You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. Hello Karsten, Did you ever solve this?

Apologies for the inconvenience. Hope to hear back from you soon. Does anybody have experiences with it or have an idea how to fix? We cant see any LUNs been presented to the host even though we have presented the Virtual disk to the host. As a centralized management suite, HBAnywareT incorporates agent technology that lightpylse discovery, reporting and management of local and remote HBAs.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise BLc Emulex/LPe1105 FC HBA Kit

We have got the issue resolved. Follow, to receive updates on this topic. Hmm, given that lspci gives you the full device name, the Emulex driver for it has been loaded. We want to earn your business!

Genisys cannot be responsible for pricing or other errors, and reserves the right to cancel any order. Upvote if you found this answer helpful or interesting. We use Federal Express to deliver our equipment because of their outstanding on-time delivery and extremely low damage rates.