If you can’t get your card working, don’t wait to long, within 14 days you can give it back. Is there a symlink ” Although, I don’t see why. If your sound card is supported, you should find a driver for it in the list of drivers. Patch the emu10k1 driver skip this step if you are in Ubuntu The forum software is adding an http:

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Pinux the firmware from alsa and extract it: If one of them seemed a little doubtful it was the main board, not the daughter board.

I’ve also cleaned up the motherboard, just to be sure and checked, if the card slotted correctly. Know what you lunux about 10k years.

E-MU 1212m soundcard installation help for the blind

From time to time it can be important to access the BIOS configuration. Then I will go about things slowly and see what happens. I installed everything like said above.

ALSA version on that system is 1. Post 2 of 9. Search everywhere only in this topic. Use emutrixalsamixerand qjackctl to adjust llnux, route signals, etc.


Emu M PCIe – LinuxMusicians

The differences from Audigy 2 are significant. Since I’m not a Linux user, I simply didn’t understand what I saw.

It should work out of the box. I’d like to try this Netrunner thing, but am I wasting my time since I have a m? View a Printable Version Subscribe to this thread. Thank you for understanding.

I emh have a clue what it could be, but since you now can’t get the card working for hours, taking a look at the BIOS settings couldn’t harm.

In reply to this post by Joel Roth-2 Hi Joel! That is to say that I don’t like the idea of changing a piece of software embedded into my card. Join Date Feb Beans 1. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Should lspci show more?

EMU 1212M Linux

However I still can’t record anything from the card. The remaining of the instructions remains the same. If the slots were unused for month even dust could be an issue for some contacts.


They updated their main page, and somehow managed to remove the link for alsa-driver and replace enu with kernel. Post 3 of 9. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Youcan see the product from alsa-project.

I’d like to try it again but with my EMU m?

The output of lspci -s 4: Did you come up with anything? Even the windows driver loads the firmware to either the on board chip only certain modelsor into system ram when the driver loads. I’m gonna have to try this distro. Post 5 of 9.