Keep these discs in a safe place. You will be shown some information about the creation process. Protected Disc Tests 6. The alternative is a new Pioneer DVD Recorder and that’s something Im happy to buy as this recoder has given me great service up until now. I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the drive, it should work. Storage by Rick Broida Sep 26,

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Its almost as if when the HDD corrupts on the orit corrupts something in the motherboard as well.

Take a look at currently active eBay dvd Everything else is a gamble. Yes, the should work in a DVRH, which is also a model and very similar in appearance and features to the North American models. Bay Required Total Qty.

Pioneer DVR 109 – DVD±RW (±R DL) drive – IDE Series

I have been doing this for years with a dvd of recorders I’ve repaired. Toss the whole thing and just recycle the controller board. As we discussed earlier, you should really use 80pin IDE ribbon cable to get the maximum performance of the drive. The DVR can write 4. CD Error Correction Tests 4. Click Continue and follow the on-screen instructions. Care and Maintenance of Media. Apple wisely dropped this proprietary practice awhile back.


Click OK and the program will exit. Drivers can be installed from the c: Storage by Rick Broida Sep 17, Plus my wife did’n’t like having video cables strung across our living room to where my PC was. Remove 2 screws from right rear of case, then slide the side of the case backwards.

DVR – | Pioneer Electronics USA

Orsetto This is an excellent posting. Home Entertainment by Ty Pendlebury Oct 28, Thanks for your reply. Other possibilities would be the motherboard ribbon cable replacement is not compatible, or the new drive itself may not be working right: As Pioneer suggests ” Press the ALT and D keys at the recovery menu to access a command prompt.

Dye formulas change frequently witout notice from the mfr, a disc brand that worked perfectly for you for the last two years can suddenly stink when you buy them this week. Thanks in advance Monky. I’m confident if you re-examine your installation you will find some minor adjustment will get it working for you too. Transfer Rate Reading Tests 3. It’s been awhile since I visited this thread so I don’t remember if you understood about swapping the controller boards?


BTW, if the burner seems to burn reliably at 1x but fails consistently at high speed, your problem could partly be incompatible blanks.

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Think mabye it’s just not going to work, any ideas. I’m sure that will be very useful for some of us.

You can only use a DVR as replacement, and you MUST swap controller boards for this to succeed, there is additional CPRM copy protection firmware on the original board that the recorder looks for on startup. Contact Us VideoHelp Top.