I was hoping it would be more like the MacBooks, which usually won’t need to ramp the fans up to an audible level unless you’re doing heavier work, like encoding a video or loading a news site web page without an ad blocker So it’s a little awkward in some situations where I’m used to one-handed operation e. The only reason the webcam is placed under the screen is to maintain the thin ‘InfinityEdge’ on the top bezel. But again, but for developmental work and nothing but text, web, etc. Using the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 with Windows 10 Before wrapping up the trackpad discussion, I wanted to mention how I’m using my external Magic Trackpad 2 —my favorite pointing device for any computer I’ve used—with the Dell XPS 13, because for many a Mac user not used to using Apple devices with Windows, they might not realize you can still use all the features of your fancy Apple hardware—just with a little more effort than would be required with most ‘Made for Windows’ accessories. But for those using PC hardware, the Boot Camp control panel won’t help much. Why is that when this model uses the exact same processor as the model we tested recently?

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So, the XPS 13’s battery life is excellent, but overall thermal management is just decent. Having used high quality LG 4K external displays, and the Retina display on the and MacBook Pro, my standards for a display are pretty high; I do a decent amount of photography work, and when processing photos from my 24 Megapixel Nikon D and Sony aI need as sharp and color-accurate a display as possible.

BillMan — 6 months ago. So it’s a little awkward in some situations where I’m used to one-handed operation e.

Summary The ultimate question, I think, is: It’s not a Force Touch trackpad with haptic feedback, but rather a traditional trackpad with a physical clicking mechanism in the bottom left and right corners. It is buttery smooth to the touch with just the right amount of texture, and buttery smooth to use in Windows whether scrolling or pointing.


Jaruzel — 6 months ago. It’s the two finger scrolling that has been terrible for me. Is it really that bad?

XPS 13 – Trackpad really THAT bad? | NotebookReview

Trackpad The trackpad is such an essential component of modern laptop usage unless you’re using it as a desktop replacement exclusively that it warrants its own discussion. How is it in comparison with MBP? Of course, Apple manufactures the best touchpads, I don’t expect it being like that, but still useable for browsing and photo editing.

I like a solid but light laptop, and the laptop against which I’ll measure all others is still the 11″ MacBook Air—if Apple would update it with a retina display and a larger 12″ screen with a smaller bezel so, basically, the 12″ MacBook but with passable specsI’d dump my MacBook Pro in a heartbeat!

It’s a minor trwckpad at this juncture and I figure they’ll get it fixed soon.

Dell XPS 13 9350 Touchpad With Cable 0x54kr X54KR

With the latest Intel processors, it should go without saying that the Dell XPS 13 for is the most powerful one yet. I disagree with you about the bezel – I love the infinity bezel, and wish there was no webcam so I could get another half inch of screen depl estate at the bottom.

I settled on the Dell XPS 13 after reading through a bunch of reviews, looking at the features vs. MisterJiggyFly xpd, May 25, Pete Light Dec 14, Ema — 6 months ago.

Clicking feels oddly more satisfying on this laptop than most others in its class, perhaps del for Apple. Built-in Webcam Nose-cam It seems like every flagship laptop design has a major achilles heel.

Dell XPS 13 () Review from a lifelong Mac user | Jeff Geerling

The fit and finish of the XPS lineup was one of the major reasons I chose it over the other models on my shortlist. Haha, didn’t think of that, but that is one use case for which the webcam is optimized. Note also that the XPS 13 is as wide as the MacBook Pro 13″, but is very slightly thinner in the front and slightly thicker in the backand a little shorter front-to-back:.


However, all three of those devices are far better optimized for the operating system they run.

XPS 13 – Trackpad really THAT bad?

But if you’re a road warrior or are used to using your built-in webcam, the Dell XPS 13 will treat you to a surprise the first time you try video chat. And xpe the Mac, where a couple seconds after you plug it in even the first timethe new peripherals are usable, with Windows the new peripheral isn’t usable e.

Since this is a secondary laptop, I usually pull it out for a day’s work, then plug it in to re-charge the battery, put it on my shelf for a week or two, then use it again another day. Jeff Geerling — 6 months ago. Which del I’m looking to sell my XPS 13 i716gb, gb The thermal management is a drag – I barely ever hear the fans, but because the thermal management on the kaby lake i7 which my xps is specced with isn’t the best, it could only be dual core.

Battery Life and Thermal Management Battery life, in my limited and non-scientific testing, has been excellent. My office just issued me a Dell Precision with a