Hola, El driver que estas usando es el de este post?? En primer lugar gracias por este esfuerzo de ayudarnos a resolver problemas. I commend the engineering photographic experts for their many hours of hard work. Now you can easily import the last photo you shot… and you can even import your whole last moment with just a couple of taps. We have our share of OCD developers, but this problem still slipped through somehow.

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Como Instalar Driver USB 2.0 Video Capture Controller / EasyCAP / USB-AVCPT

Gracias por puclibar los drivers no los encontraba en ningun lado!!! After awhile, clip-on lenses can start to cause damage to any phone, so Dejs was really happy to discover a free app that shoots in macro.

Amigo tengo una pregunta. En el mejor de los casos obtengo la mitad in ferior de la pantalla con diversos colores, pero no se aprecia nada.

Ramos Elio Lo siguiente que se me ocurre son los Codecslee comentarios anteriores que ya respondi sobre eso ;si te funciona luego no olvides avisarme para ponerlo en problemas comunes. Capture all the action by using Eaasycam to take rapid streams of shots.

Cual podria ser el incoveniente?

Your Driver: Deja Easycam 1 Treiber Download

Funcionan 2 easycap usb juntas? Yo tampoco puedo grabar en el ordenador.


We have extended depth capture to the front-facing TrueDepth camera, so you can now take depth selfies and apply edits based on depth. No matter what device you use, what your settings are or what controls you have on screen, the viewfinder will always show the exact area that will be captured.

No probe tus drivers ya que solo tengo internet en el movil aunque estoy trabajando en ello… Un saludo y muchas gracias.

Clarity Clarity is one of the biggest breakthroughs to happen to image processing in a long time. Because sometimes even negative attention is better than no attention at all.

We fixed a problem where only the original was saved, if the app was configured to veja Revertible Edits and any of the High Quality image formats.

It was serviceable before, but it’s nicer now. The new functionality is a feature that enables you to choose between either revertible or non-revertible edits when you save your pics to your Camera Roll. You so t be sorry. Hola he instalado el programa en una lapto feja, todo se instalo correctamente de hecho el programa abre y todo dejs me sale, fallo al capturar la imagen.

I watched it get better and better. Por lo que veo usas el Windows 7 de X64 64bits bajate el driver para 64bits ya lo volvi a subir y dime que tal.


There is no one app better then this in the entire world. Uso Vista 32 Bits.

Deja Easycam 1 Win7 Treiber

Consider it an early Easter Egg hunt. This was important for those photographers among you that like to carefully frame their photos, so we made sure that you get what you see. Now you can easily import the last photo you shot… and you can even import your whole last moment with just a couple of taps. Hola, no puedo bajar los ficheros para instalar!!

Compatibility Requires iOS Yeah, you know the ones… they sit around playing Clash of Candy a good chunk of the day, waiting for their next rupee to appear. Tengo un problema con la capturadora y Easycap y parece que pudieras ayudarme.

Kelvin or bacon not your thing? Shoot all day on your iPhone… and then edit at night on your iPad.

Ahora nos dira que volvamos a conectar el USB que desconectamos antes de la instalacion. No se ha capturado video. Esperemos por si alguien sabe mas del tema y te pueda ayudar ; Un Saludo.