Setup There are a number of considerations you need to keep in mind when setting up your document. It does not replace the Distiller built-in support for process-to-process blends. Many older Adobe RIP products were unable to render complex paths often generating limitcheck errors. After downloading, unzip and wait for later setup instructions. Download unzip after downloading CreoDistillerAssistant1.

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This will help catch problems before you make final PDFs. It is not necessary to control flatness if the device resolution is greater than this value. Windows 7 — C: InDesign Print Preset Template zip – contains the print dialog settings. If you have any questions please contact your Technical Service Representative.

Windows 7 users do not need to run this utility. They have also been tested successfully with FreeHand 9.

This feature monitors and modifies PostScript requests for line thickness, and ensures that the smallest thickness request is 0. Diztiller Level 2 Images v1.

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Recent additions diatiller this feature support Adobe PageMaker colorized images correctly. This module detects and converts back to RGB distipler After the pages are split into single page files Adobe Bridge can be used to batch rename your pages. Distiiller is not desirable for printers because it causes the trim marks crop markswhich are painted outside of this box, to be clipped out so they do not appear on printed output. The supported software is:.


This feature assists these legacy files by pretending to increase the flatness value, but letting the RIP render paths as smoothly as it can.

We create attractive products that are good for the environment too! These idioms work by intercepting and recording the location of crop marks when the PostScript draws them.

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Create the folder in a location that will be easy to locate and will not get accidentally discarded. This feature adds idioms to replace the Illustrator logic.

Fifty years ago, we were printing LP album jackets. Create Watched Folder The first step in setting up a watched folder is to create a folder on your system to be watched. This is checked by default and unchecking is optional but we recommend that you do so. Upload and access your project files with ease using LSC Communications’ pre-press portal. This is because the PostScript requests the smallest possible line for example, a single device pixel.


Click on the Load Settings button. Tips There is a simple way to create single page PDFs without having go through the postscript printing steps for each page. Locate the watched folder that you created.

Over the years, it has earned us a reputation for quality printing, fast turnarounds, first-class service and an exceptional range of music packaging solutions designed to capture new audiences and new markets. Why trust your next release to anyone else? Download unzip after downloading Prinergy Refiner. This feature has the following limitations: You know have successfully configured your Print Preset.

The result is packaging with eye-popping shelf appeal that commands consumer attention. This feature intercepts these crek images and allows them to separate correctly into their CMYK channels.

Prevent FrameMaker CropBox v1.