Gameport Problem signature Problem Event Name: The software drivers provided on this page are generic versions and can be used for general purposes. Gameport and is compatiable with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Gameport driver free download for windows. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Series This applies to all Live! Lots and lots of time it has nothing to do with “resources”.

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Rich Sorkin was General Manager of the global business during this time, responsible for product planning, product management, marketing and OEM sales. I didn’t fancy reinstalling Vista every time I had a new driver to test, so I consulted the Creative oracle -Daniel Kawakami. I have a sound blaster live card but cant get any sound in 9.

This actually stood for Digital Sound Processor, rather gameporf the more common digital signal processorand was really a simple micro-controller from the Intel MCS family supplied by Intel and Matra MHSamong others. If the issue still persists, please check with the device manufacturer for more information.

Sound Blaster Live!

It was developed by Eugene Gavrilov. Currently there are Windows drivers available for download from Creative’s website filename: Back to Contents Page. Its headphones amplifier supports headphones with impedances from 16 ohms to ohms.


Given the choice between an AdLib card or a fully compatible Sound Blaster card that came with a game port, saved a slot, and included the “DSP” for not much. This fact was not immediately obvious in Creative’s literature, and was difficult to ascertain even upon examination of the Audigy’s spec sheets.

Users are advised to use Audio Console included in this download to change speaker configurations. I got it from some Creative web driver update a long sbluve ago, no idea which one.

This article needs additional citations for verification. It has been claimed to offer improved sound quality, hardware acceleration of higher EAX versions in games, channel mixing for Audigy 1, and an overall improvement in the card’s performance.

This however is a topic of ongoing debate. The card’s circuit layout is somewhat simpler than that of the Live! The big problem is that a “game port” has to be polled.

Sound Blaster

The software drivers provided on this page are generic versions and can be used for general purposes. It achieved this by creatiev a fully AdLib-compatible product, with additional features, for the same, and often a lower price. This release also included the bit crystallizer, which is intended to pronounce percussion elements by placing some emphasis on low and high pitched parts of the sound. The Audigy 4 Value is more in line with the Audigy 2 Value series. The port does not work under windows 64bit since windows vista to windows 8.


Select the driver needed and press download. The Audigy 2 line were the first sound cards to receive THX certification. The card is physically smaller than other Audigy 2 cards. The chip again can process up to 64 DirectSound3D audio channels in hardware.

Gameport on Creative SBLive sound card | Vista Forums

None of these timing issues affect the Yamaha YM I searched the internet and could find no evidence of any retail boxes labeled “Audigy 2 SE”. Player edition, which is identical to the regular SoundBlaster Live! Guest Dec 14, Follow the instructions on the screen. Download drivers for Creative Game.

Retrieved 29 March This driver is for Creative SBLive!