Visit the Connectix Web site to see a color snapshot of the obligatory company fish tank, updated once a minute. There is usually sufficient light to use short integration times, and it’s an adequate camera-telescope combination to obtain intermediate magnification images or to work with poor seeing conditions. For instance, to demonstrate the effect of atmospheric turbulence on telescopic images why not producing a short real-time animation of a bright star in- and out-of-focus? This means that we are working well below the desirable gray-levels, that is 8-bits images, that our visual system is able to discriminate in grayscale images. I decided to choose nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries 4×1. Unfortunately, this camera is not refrigerated and only produces 6-bit digitized images 64 gray-levels.

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The contrast of the upper-left corner of the image was exagerated in order to better show the douhgnut-shaped dust marks and the vertical-line bias pattern. If I had to choose the feature I mostly like in the software, from its practical importance for the production of astronomical images, I would have to choose two: But there are other simpler projects that can be attempted.

Webarchive template webcite links All articles conhectix dead external links Articles with dead external links from July Articles with permanently dead external links. A standard wall electric switch plastic box 2 in fig1 was then used to cover the electronics, qhickcam the help of four screws blue arrows in fig1.

A rubber adhesive plate 5 in fig3 was used to mount the electronics onto the nosepiece. This means that we are working well below the desirable gray-levels, that is 8-bits images, that our visual system is quickacm to discriminate in grayscale images. Since the QuickCam uses so little power, each charge will produce various hours-long imaging sessions except if, as I have alredy done by accident, one forgets to disconnect the battery pack at the end of the imaging session.


This image shows a blow-up of the QuickCam’s CCD, with the imaging-area framed in red and the transfer-area surrounded by a green line.

I am currently working in the production of an Atlas of Moon composed of images obtained with the grayscale QuickCam. About different craters are ready to be integrated in the Atlas, and I will add them from time to time. Unfortunately, this camera is not refrigerated and only produces 6-bit digitized images 64 gray-levels. An excellent page with detailed instructions for disassembling a grayscale QuickCam was found herebut apparently it is no longer available. Webcams Teleconferencing Videotelephony Products introduced in The grayscale QuickCam is equipped with a Texas Instruments CCD, a frame-transfer chip with an array of x 10micron-square pixels.

Connectix Ships Color QuickCam – TidBITS

You don’t have to own a large telescope to obtain good astrophotos with the grayscale QuickCam. The new version of QuickMovie offers digital effects such as image mirroring and flipping so users can change the video orientation while recording. QCIF x pixels low resolution mode. I decided in favour of this second possibility. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff.

Views Read Edit View history. The new camera sports the familiar spherical eyeball form, and connects to a Macintosh via both a serial port and an ADB keyboard and mouse port. Quickccam QuickCam quickcak line was acquired by Logitech in It stores ccolor in QuickTime movie format, requiring between 1 and 2 MB of disk space for ten seconds of by video. This page was last edited on 6 Aprilat I usualy produce short series of 6 to 8 images, obtained at the moments where seeing is best.


VC for “Video Conferencing”. The camera-computer connection can even be further complicated without problems. If we choose to use only the original cables that are supplied with the camera, the maximum distance to the computer will be about 1.

Connectix Ships Color QuickCam

The ease how AVI movies are obtained is also impressive, and the diversity is in practice related with our imagination quicckam see the animations section of this page. All original images I obtain are first processed with a master flat-field frame obtained averaging various images of a white target. The following comments refer to Version 2.

QuickPICT also has a timed snapshot feature with visual and audible countdowns, and the ability to expose a still image for a user-selectable number of seconds. This female plug of the battery power-pack connecfix interface with the large-size male keyboard plug that is suplied with the QuickCam 5 in fig4.

Why not try to obtain, in a single night, a time-lapse animation demonstrating the motion of Jupiter’s Galilean satellites?