When you install the Cisco connect software on your computer, you may get annoying pop up error about Internet access server. For more wireless bandwidth, the Router can create two simultaneous yet separate Wireless-N networks dual-band technology , one using the 5 GHz band and one using the 2. Everything is hooked up wireless except the desktop. It works but don’t expect screaming performance. Nothing, no connection with internet. Hi Richard, good to hear that it can work!!

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For more wireless bandwidth, the Cisxo can create two simultaneous yet separate Wireless-N networks dual-band technologyone using the 5 GHz band and one using the 2.

Internet access server error Linksys E, E, E

I tried to uninstall and reinstall but nothing has worked. Servre Pennypacker April 10, Set this up yesterday. If you are interested, check out more about this wireless-N router here! To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Some users may become frustrated with such poorly thought through trouble shooting advice.

So I want to write a review to help people understand this wireless router.


The Cisco Connect basically doesn’t work, so either be prepared to accept its simple minded approach which includes an unsecured guest acct and a security system with a password that is complicated enough that it requires writing down, which of course negates completely its value as a password once put on paper or be prepared to take the same steps you have always taken to set up your Linksys routers.

Then I connect to servsr public network: Ralph Landry1 Ralph Landry1. Richard Wessels Richard Wessels.

What I find out, is that connecting to NAS is gives me a mobile-icon. It may seem trite, but, iOS 4. I must tell you that the IP range I use is changed: Well, my Comcast broadband modem also provides phone service and has an internal battery, so unplugging for a few minutes would do nothing.

Definately a solid router so far.

I have experimented a little bit with the advanced settings also accessible through I tried to uninstall and reinstall the Cisco connect software but still getting the same error Internet access server. Interestingly enough the Cisco Connect wouldn’t work the second time either. You can simply right click on it and disable it. I eliminated this issue by going to Home Depot and buying four rubber bottle stoppers think black, rubber, wine bottle corks.


The biggest issues I have with this router: There might not be any available driver updates. The Linksys error swrver suggested unplugging my modem for two minutes.

And asking me to install the drivers for Internet access server. Connect the main computer to the Ethernet port and modem to the Internet port. What can I try next?

Sure, it’s in Dutch but notting like that.

Internet access server error :

So something looks wrong with DNS, I think. A shame as it isn’t Amazon’s fault that Linksys can’t build a router interface that works. Cksco 12, 6: Hi Richard, good to hear that it can work!! Nov 19, 9: Nov 18, 4: Put the iPad on the 5ghz and it hooked in flawlessly and streamed video like a champ.