It seems their popularity has waned throughout the years, though based on the quality of these examples I cannot think why. Throw the grills in the bin and rewire internally to tweak them. Good condition vintage speakers with lovely sound quality, which up until last year were used by my dad who bought them new many many years ago! Initial surprise was a much lower level of’coloration’ than I was expecting. I noticed it has a couple of nibbles around the colla All cable was Chord Co: Stick with the original!

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Maximum continuous input 44watts DIN.

Celestion Ditton 15 ‘vintage’ Speakers

For easy access the bbass hard wired crossover is mounted directly to the back of the terminal panel. Simple first order crossover on bass and second order on treble. The units matched in sensitivity, so thankfully no resistors were needed. One of the mid speakers isn’t working but all the rest are working a treat.

Celestion Ditton

I am happy to demonstrate and I have other speakers and hifi components to choose from. ABR units were certainly not a new invention; dating back at least to Olson’s classic texts, but Celestion’s was quite unique for the time.

Hi for sale Celestiin 15 speakers in working order but boxes could do dityon a refurbish pick up only in Bridlington and cash on collection. If anything I found it a tad bright at times; but very clear, lacking in sibilance and beautifully balanced into the midrange. Front of the ABR unit, damped polystyrene cylinder.


I spent a merry ten minutes making this thing move about with various low frequency sign waves from my old oscillator.

Celestion specs are ,Hz on frequency response. All cable was Chord Co: The cellestion labels are missing on the mesh. Celestion Ditton Refine results.

I must confess to having no great. However I find I now have several pairs of speakers, most of which cost me nothing, that are taking celsstion too much space!

Also shop in Also shop in.

Biwiring isn’t worthwhile with a simple design like this. I noticed it has a couple of nibbles around the colla Celestion Ditton 15 Vintage Speakers Stored in shed for a few years so could do with a clean up. The deeply recessed baffle gives the age away a little, and the grill is pretty dreadful acoustically, and they do seem to break very easily.

Browse Related Browse Related. After carefully checking the speakers out, they where wired up to my little EL84 push-pull pentode valve amp, Marantz DI DAC, trusty old Garrard with my active valve phono stage.

Celestion Ditton 15 ‘vintage’ Speakers | eBay

Anyway, if anyone has any nuggets of information on this model, please post them here. The bass unit has quite celestiln impressive cast chassis. Ella Fitzgerald and Dinah Washington tracks, the power of these two ladies really communicated through these little boxes. Enclosure size is twenty celeshion inches tall, by nine and a half inches both back to front and side to side; available in both teak and walnut real wood veneers.


Oh look, it is snowing again! Only in fairly recent times xelestion I audition the nineteen sixties designed Ditton Haden Boardman takes it apart Again modest on ceramic magnet size, the heavily doped, paper pulp cone has, by modern standards, a very low resonance of 25 Hz.

Good condition vintage speakers with lovely sound quality, which up until last year were used by my dad who bought them new many many years ago! Here we have a pair of 3-way crossover networks from a pair of Celestion Ditton 22 loudspeakers.

cepestion At both ends it has deep rubber surrounds, and the polystyrene is damped by little ‘discs’ glued on both sides of the cylinder, the whole thing mounted in a plastic basket.