The time now is Login or Create an Account to remove this ad. So, I only pooh pooh their billing department Medtronic did upgrade the software in September and I had to call them to sort it and they were very helpful. Follow the instructions on the window. Visit our eShop and get shopping.

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November 10, Reply. These reports provide you with information about your blood glucose levels, insulin delivery, and events.

Medtronic CareLink USB | Diabetes UK

Cancel Subscribe to feed Question details Product Firefox. I didn’t know you had left!

Vista and Wind7 are nice OS’s but boy have there been problems with software drivers. All times are GMT Protecting your privacy and security. I really miss the spread sheet report that listed everything that the pump was doing every 5 minutes and in between. The temporary password can be used to access the system for up to 24 hours after it has been issued and you will be prompted visat create a new password for use on subsequent visits.

The MiniMed 640G therapy management software

Quick view summary report Shows how your insulin delivery, your diet and cagelink exercise patterns affect how well you are controlling your blood glucose and sensor glucose levels over a two-week period. Amanda enjoys spending time with her husband and three young children. I see the new uploader is now available for non-US users.


Sorry for the broken link, the forum just switched platforms. Vistta if I’ve forgotten my password? I have to use my old old old desktop it literally sounds like a growling engine right now to do all my downloading.

Hope you get it working vissta Sue. Under all of this, cafelink has been the need to keep track of our glucose testing. We also created a short tutorial on how to complete the install here and once installed you can also learn more about uploading your information here.

I’m glad you got it all worked out and were able to get the software to work. Seeing this information in chart, graph, and table formats allows you to better identify patterns and problems that will help you work out the root cause of your low and high blood glucose levels.

New and Improved CareLink Personal Upload Software For Easier Use

This is a good conversation to have with our Software team. Grabbed a new battery and went for attempt number 7 at uploading viata Tricky, but worth it. Will this new software work with Microsoft Vista? The steps for installing the uploader and uploading the pump and meter are outlined in clear, easy steps with illustrations for what you should see on cadelink computer screen each step of the way.


This means I don’t have to print anything and she can keep an eye on me in between appointments if I need to contact her by phone. I chatted with Mary yesterday.

Medtronic CareLink USB

Frequently uploading data has two advantages. I consider myself to be pretty computer savy and I would have been so lost. When you see the Verify Connections window, read the steps. Storing data in CareLink Personal software is often safer than storing it on a home computer system that is connected to the Internet. A couple of questions: Click here to find answers to many frequently asked questions. Just cista a web email account, you just register and caarelink in.

Darelink got mine just recently but don’t seem to be able to install it. Amanda became personally involved with diabetes when she met her husband, who has type 1 diabetes, in