Chris Aug 20, at I finally configured the at The club sits nice at address and still inspires a lot of confidence. It took me one hit to get excited about the OptiForce. So, what are the differences? I was choking up on it just to get a feel for the club. Especially with the , the driver almost felt too light until I actually took my first swing.

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Improvements generally come in the form of improved head callawaj, a better feel, or enhanced adjustability. The final piece of the Optiforce designed involved further reducing the club’s weight by pairing it with premium, lightweight shaft options.

The stock shaft offerings should be considered premium shafts.

Thus, the FT Optiforce driver was born. Csllaway at grams. J Duf Aug 14, at My first test was at the range without a launch monitor. So, I would recommend people concerned that light and fast means out of control, should give it a demo first.

Either way it takes a little getting lptiforce to, but persevere as the smaller head is more forgiving than it looks. Two different head options, a cc version and cc version, allow golfers to choose between a lower-launching, more penetrating flight, and a higher-launching, more forgiving option respectively.

The head is stamped at 9. I mean that the Callaway FT-9 Tour is a brilliant club even if it feels like it was released ten years ago… but it takes time to find out which drivers are really great and which is just good or ok. Both shafts are available as stock options with either head in several flexes — 5.

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It doesn’t really matter, because I’m optiforcee satisfied with the results I’ve been achieving. The driver can also be set to neutral or draw, which makes the lie angle of the driver more upright and encourages a more leftward starting trajectory for right-handed golfers. With the G, I launched my drives an average of 1.

For my swing, the was generating a whopping rpm more spin on average, which resulted in some serious balloons, less roll and 2 yards less carry. Lest you think me a spendthrift, I bought them all one at a time on Ebay, sold off their stock shafts, played each contender against the reigning champion for about 2 weeks, then sold off the loser usually at a profit. Sign in or Register with Golfalot.

When he is not callawau about his golf game, Kane heads up an innovation lab responsible for driving innovative digital product development for Fortune companies.

K Miller Mar 30, at 3: Hit’em long and straight. It makes me doubt if its COR is conforming.

Callaway FT Optiforce 460 Driver 10.5* Graphite Regular Left 46 in

It requires longer length clubs again. Forum Thread of the Day: All adjustable drivers come with a round grip so you can rotate the shaft and it feels ok, but the fact you can rotate both rings on the Optiforce means you can fit a optiofrce traditional grip on the club and ensure that it feels the same and the grip lines are in the right place however you adjust it. No other group of golfers in the callwway tests golf clubs as frequently or as extensively as GolfWRX Members.


My only real criticism is trying to obtain an instruction manual for the corresponding cogs for the hosel. Videos 1 week ago.

Callaway FT Optiforce Drivers: Editor Review – GolfWRX

The was significantly longer yards with my measly swing speed. I weighed all these competing clubs and except for the superlite Clevelands, the heads all clock in at about grams. I had to cut to 45 and add lead taope to head to keep at my swingweight. I tested optifoce heads in the Neutral and Draw positions with 9.

As has been the case since, TaylorMade M1 9. Caloaway was early morning and not enough coffee! There are small aerodynamic ‘slots’ in white down each side of what is otherwise a very sleek and smooth looking head with a classy, no-nonsense design.