Hi…m using Samsung ace mobile…i confugure bsnl data one router like here said…but stilll i could not connect to internet i connected to wirelss but it shows obtaining ip address on phone.. Please give me solution how i can save my configuration save in modem I am also faced this same problem, when reboot or restart modem, all saved data like user id password and all setting would be erased. Password as password or admin. Hi sunny … Thanks a lot for your post here… I am very happy thanks. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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BSNL guys told no prob with line. The time now is But I am unable to connect to the internet from it.

BSNL ADSL Modem ITI DNA-A201BEI little bit used..

Do i need to do any software updates if so where can i get it. Sathwik Edupuganti 11 January at It is a type-4 modem in context to BSNL modem terminology. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I have a problem with wireless connectivity.


Notify me of new posts via email. Whenever I save my settings and reboot the device, the settings are not saved and once the device comes back online, it is having the factory default settings. Vipin, you can try the firmware located here.

I bought a new BB connection. But, I have no luck after trying all sorts of things — especially, the approach involving the assignment of static IP-Address, sub-net masks, freely available public DNS server address.

All adsl modems routers wif routers 3-in one can be used for All ISPs.

From my phone, I’m still not able to connect to ITI. I have reset the modem by using the depressed switch on the backside. Yeah, continuous ping ping -t Do you dna-a21-1 how I can go about doing that myself. They will come and restore the connection.

Same problem for all of them. Bssnl it can be done. Enter the settings as shown below and click next. Last edited by essbebe; 28th January at By following these steps, do we always have to keep the wireless security as Open?


The problem i am facing is every time i wanna connect to internet i have to dial a connection from my Laptop. If you have any questions just ask in the comments section. You should see the following entries.

BSNL ADSL Modem Wi-Fi Configuration: ITI DNA-AI (Type-4) | BSNL Broadband

When I enter that user: This was working fine before few days. What could be wrong??

Can you please help. Suspecting some issue with Modem but not sure. When you are connected to internet the data you have given does not appear to be correct. Connect computer in LANmode. Now click next and next until you come to the last page where it says WAN setup summery!