The installation did something to it. As noted on this installation screen, the v2. What is in this comma-separated-values file? Once started, a welcome screen will be presented, as shown below. I like your blog. However, third-party applications or other systems e. This installer can always be re-run to re install a driver, or install a different driver.

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CubicSDR | Cross-Platform and Open-Source Software Defined Radio Application

Revision 1 2 Date Summary Initial revision blaedrf Now the LEDs stopped blinking. Additionally, a driver may be installed at a later time using Zadig1. Progress messages will be displayed as the on-board flash is erased and reprogrammed.

Use Blsderf to advance to the next screen. If a driver has been selected for installation, a dialog will appear during this stage, providing information about the driver install progress. Double-click the block to open up the block parameters. If this is the first time installing bladeRF software on a machine, a driver must be installed.

Alternatively, it can be executed from cmd. Windowx Commons Attribution 4. Do not connect it until after the installer completes successfully, or until instructed to do so by the firmware upgrade console. One point for users of Windows 8, the install must be done in the special restart mode that removes the default block on unsigned drivers.


Information on re-flashing firmware while in this mode is available on the bladeRF wiki3. Sample output is shown below. This is the last step at which the program can be cancelled before changes are made.

Once started, a welcome screen will be presented, as shown below. Should one accidentally disconnect the device eindows encounter a failure, the device will enter a recovery bootloader mode.

bladerf windows install guide

Makes it very easy to get BladeRF going. This is shown on the following page.

This is generally recommended, as firmware releases include feature updates wkndows fixes. Update this field, if desired, and click Next. Once placed, double click the System block to specify that it should implement a bladeRF Simulink object. I like your blog. An input for the transmit path may be enabled in the TX Configuration tab. The installation did something to it.

Nuand has new installer software for Windows In the blog at nuand. Click Next when the desire option bladefr selected. After pressing Enter, the firmware update will begin. Thanks a lot for all their efforts. This requires libbladeRF bladeRF. RX-only applications have not been found to be affected.


Check Device Manager if it is unclear whether this has been done. They keep doing a great job. This installer can always be re-run to re install a driver, or install a different driver. It seems I did only get some noise in the file with wondows samples. I agree that the Windows installer is very good. Dr Andrew Drew Wollin December 7, at 1: