That roughly describes all the objects that are used in the runtime plug-in. So I tend to agree with Ravi that there must be a problem in my plugin. Report message to a moderator. Cannot process data source extension configuration. I debugged into the report engine and found that when it tries to find my driver extension down in ManifestExplorer. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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The second method to overwrite is the factory biirt executeQuerywhich returns an IResultSet object. Knowing this framework allows system integrators to extend BIRT beyond the realm of strictly database reporting. Hi, This is what I have found so far.

But what is different about the ODA architecture is that several of the observed calls are actually factory calls, requiring the observer to create new objects that are themselves observers.


For a database query, you use a Structured Query Language query. So I tend to agree with Ravi that there must be a problem in my plugin. I custo that none of the 4 plugins whose extensions are registered 3 BIRT and the flatfile extensions were in that list anyway.

Thanks RamizI solved the problem. You should be able to create a design with your data source then. The Driver class is the root observer for the ODA.

The BIRT ODA extension point

Depending on the data source you retrieve, you can override the close method in the IResultSetas well. It is responsible for opening the data connection to the data source. Several different extension points are defined in BIRT. In previous articles I covered the aggregation and the emitter frameworks see Related topics for links.

Pay attention to that little tidbit about the plugin. There are two types of plug-ins to write: It also calls the DataSourceWizardPage.

The more prominent extension points include:. When I run from the report engine API, my extension is not registered. Cannot process the org. This task allows an application to use a report document as a temporary cache that contains all the bindings, expressions, and aggregations. My plugin snippets are quite straightforward but I’ll include them in case you see a glaring error in there: Dear Jason and Scott and Ravi, Thank you all very much for your replies and your help on this.


The composite that is created calls the DataSourceWizardPage. I found the folder org.

java – Birt cannot find JDBC driver – Stack Overflow

custoj Dear Jason, Scott and Ravi, I have progressed a little more. Thu, 22 February John Ward Published on November 27, The complete source for the plug-in is available in Download.

My plugin was installed but not started. The my test project can be downloaded here. BIRT’s internal data engine serves as the observed object, and the developer custm responsible for creating the observer.

If you don’t create a design time UI plug-in, BIRT provides prompts for the properties that are defined in the plugin. Unable to load or instantiate the custom ODA driver class.