It terms of corporate history, Radian Audio Engineering, Inc. It has a smooth, extended frequency response while distortion is comparable to the other materials below 10kHz. With more than two decades of success under its belt, Radian Audio is now entering its third decade as a pro sound manufacturer. Richard Kontrimas, however, Kontrimas has since retired and the company is under new ownership, based in Orange, CA. Truextent is a registered trademark of Materion Brush, Inc.

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There is no other material like beryllium for loudspeakers and headphones. The titanium diaphragm with no ribs is the second worst performer on the wavelet decay test. Above that compgession, beryllium performs significantly better than the other two.

The data shows the actual frequency response and harmonic distortion performance of four different diaphragms on the same motor assembly using a plane wave tube, which was selected to eliminate the effects that a specific horn would introduce.

The NEOBe Compression Driver from Radian Audio | audioXpress

Most importantly, VUE Audiotechnik is committed to bringing these inherent benefits to a much broader market, while also exploring new applications for this exceptional metal throughout the entire loud- speaker ecosystem.

It suffers from the top octave and 1 kHz ring. The Klippel SCN laser befyllium used to measure vibration. A lower overall mass allows for greater acceleration, which increases both efficiency and frequency extension.

The Use Of Beryllium In Transducers — VUE Audiotechnik

These revolutionary HF transducers will form the foundation for an expanded range of ultra high-performance professional loudspeakers capable of delivering measurable improvements in everything from response linearity to output and long-term durability.


A transducer is an extremely complex electromechanical ecosystem where the entire assembly is required to move very quickly, and in perfect synchronicity. The first six breakup modes. BeX diaphragm assemblies feature genuine acoustic beryllium domes that reduce mass and ensure unmatched rigidity.

This article was originally published in Voice Coil, October Richard Kontrimas, however, Kontrimas has since retired and the company is under new ownership, based in Orange, CA. The use of titanium gained popularity in recent decades due to its ruggedness and ability to provide higher output than aluminum. Growing The Loudspeaker Ecosystem: Following the h-Class, VUE engineers developed a smaller, 1-inch exit compression 1.

The first phase will use mathematical modeling to evaluate theoretical benefits of all three as a diaphragm material. This type of data has only become readily available in the last 15 years, and is increasingly used to qualify sound quality issues that could be heard but were previously impossible to measure.

To minimize the effects of different suspension methods, these scans were limited to a 51mm radius, 1mm outside the nominal voice coil radius. Evaluations will be conducted in three phases, comparing aluminum, beryllium and titanium in each phase.

Beginning at 5kHz, relatively minor bending breakup occurs on all the domes. There are still many opportunities to improve modern day transducer design, and thanks to the efforts of companies like Materion Electrofusion, the potential for once-esoteric technologies like beryllium to improve both performance and reliability is better than ever. Radian Audio was founded in by its president, Dr. Learn more about the advantages of beryllium compression drivers: They are also built with aluminum edgewound voice coils with beryllium-copper lead outs.


This restricts the measurements to only the metallic part of each dome. The beryllium diaphragm exhibits the best overall performance. This is important because the frequency at which the first breakup occurs in any metal, is analogous to the speed of sound through that metal.

The Use Of Beryllium In Transducers

Even more critical, however, is the efficiency at which sound travels through beryllium. We can view both time and frequency response on the same graph using 3-dimensional cumulative spectral decay waterfall plots.

Thanks to their unique beryllium transducers, the h-Class, al-Class and e-Class deliver dramatic improvements in both HF extension and response linearity — far beyond what would have been possible with more traditional aluminum or titanium components.

This effect is particularly evident in the top octave response and decay differences between the smooth, fast-decaying beryllium driver and the peaky, long-ringing ribbed titanium driver.

The tradeoff is the high frequency distortion shown here, which supports the common perception that titanium does not sound as good as aluminum. Our manufacturing techniques result in speakers and headphones with extended high frequency range, unparalleled sound dampening and distortion-free sound. Materion provides safety information for a variety of their products and materials.