Will ZetaOS do the same thing if I try to install it? I also made sure the hard drive was IDE, here is a screenshot: This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Joined Thu Apr 28, 7: Mon Jul 18, 9: I just converted the BeOS 5. Post by Paolo Pisati another idea i had was to try with thomas’s ide replacement driver to see if it helps with vmware virtual cdrom, but i THINK the floppy img is for r5 only and it won’t work with dano

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Sat Jul 16, 5: The only way would be to burn it and then boot, or perhaps guessingmode mount the.

[OT] Installing BeOS in vmware

Joined Thu Dec 30, 6: This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work gmware without it enabled. No registered users and 6 guests.


But is it confirmed that VMware is able to boot and install from these images? Thu Jul 05, 4: Joined Mon Apr 30, 1: Mon Jul 02, 8: Can you try and find a VMware image of the Professional version?

I have this feeling that you don’t understand what I was trying to vmwarr you? I have told you a couple of times before, it is completely impossible to mount a lot of these Zeta and BeOS releases. It does have a.

Try finding a Be machine emulator. Sat Jul 16, 9: CCD file and enjoy. Joined Thu Apr 28, 7: Joined Thu Dec 22, 1: So it used a low resolution grey scale video very slow. Mat Hounsell Under vmware, it retrieved my mail every 5 seconds.

You don’t have JavaScript enabled. It didn’t support something with graphics.

Running BeOS 5 on vSphere 6 |VMware Communities

You can’t convert it because the image has a reference file the ccd which “tells” a burning program how the image file should be burned, since it contains multiple partitions. No matter how many keys I bang and press. Joined Wed Mar 03, I’m not even going to ask how to burn a ccd file. Mon Jul 18, 9: Like I said, you can’t do that.


It doesn’t vmwage past here.

A warning box will pop up about destroying all the data, click on proceed. Wed Jul 20, 9: I also made sure the hard drive was IDE, vware is a screenshot: Page 1 of 2. I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. BeOS not detecting CD.