The Keyspan USAHS adapter is also hackable and programable , although I did not need to do anything special like that to get it working. The link that dafuser provided does not work as it appears the server at geneder. I hope I am not being a pain in the What software are you using that’s mac or windoze only? You may also get an error that no Pronto was located; just ignore that for now.

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RS and USB are both serial interfaces using different hardware technologies and speeds. Thanks, I seem to be saying that a lot here! Just use linux already I might try again later on.

Installing a USB Serial Adapter on Mac OS X – Plugable

My hopefully last question on this subject is how to install the beloin on my Mac. ProntoEdit is the computer application provided by Philips that allows you to download, edit, and upload the detailed configurations for the Pronto Remote.

beokin I have the file on a thumb drive and and I will try to load it tonight. Macs come with all the standard unix clients.

Run the resulting Tonto.

Where to Buy

I’m looking for a little help. Thanks again, I’ll load the driver tonight and post the mca. I have a couple devices I use that are RS, and the adapter below has served me well for years under Windows and Mac Leopard for communicating with them. I have not tried Linux yet. ProntoEdit only runs on Windows and only older versions of Windows.


GiffS on January 05, Did you miss your activation email? Clanger on January 04, I hope I am not being a pain in the It also appears that this Keyspan adapter is the most multi-os compatible adapter and should meet most needs in general. These adapters are rather inexpensive, so I’m willing beklin purchase a different one if llion know to be reliable on these platforms, but all indications are that this should work.

If you see more than one Keystone network device make this change for all of them. I may also stop by the Mac store and pick up a new f5uu409 that is for sure Mac compatible. Would you be kind to tell us which one is working fine with you and what are the tricks to make it working.

The app I’m using is specific for a piece of hardware; it’s not an interactive terminal program. Yves has a good idea in that I am resolved to having to buy a new serial to usb adaptor it would be helpful to know which ones have worked for others and what if anything they had to do to get them working.


Belkin : Support F5U/F5U USB PDA Adapter – Drivers

It was a popular adapter using a common chipset. The reasons for this are that the Linux kernel has always had good drivers for the popular serial technologies, and manufacturers usually focus on writing Windows drivers, so the Macs are a bit of a half-hearted effort.

View 10 previous comments. I’m out when it comes to reliable windows or mac term clients.

F5U109/F5U409 USB PDA Adapter – Drivers

Thanks for the input folks. Okay back to the well one more time for help. Thanks Coyote, I’ll give that driver a try tonight mav they don’t mention Belkin specifically. January 04, Using a Terminal Window, type the following: Coyote do you think the generic driver you mentioned might do the trick?